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I have lived in Asbury Park all my life. Being able to walk or bike to the beach has been the best part of living here. There is always something to do and Asbury really cares about the community. There are so many healthy options for food and lifestyle in Asbury Park, especially going towards the beach. The school system does need to strive for better advancement of the students but they try their best on a daily basis.
Asbury Park is the best shore town in New Jersey! It has cute shops and trendy restaurants and the beach is really pretty! Students can get a seasons beach badge for super cheap! Visit today!
I'm lifetime resident of Asbury Park, I enjoyed growing up there, look forward to more good things happening in Asbury.
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Love all of the restaurant and bars, can be unsafe late at night, and parking in the summer is terrible.
The houses in the area are varied and sometimes unique.
The community is a mixed bag of bad things and good things.
There has always been crime going on around the area. The police are seen patrolling some areas more heavily than others. My family and I have gotten through it by relying on ourselves.
I was born and raised in this area, as I grew up I had witnessed the area become more dangerous and unruly.
Well where should I begin..I have been living in Asbury Park, NJ better known as "the Jersey Shore" about 6 yrs now unfortunately. My mother moved us back here after a relationship break up with her partner. My mother tells me stories of when I was small and we lived at 210 Second ave Asbury Park, NJ which was one block from the beach for 7 years. This area has changed for the worse not for the better. Many New York business owners now Occupy most of the new eateries and small mom pop shops along the 3 main business district streets of Asbury Park Beach area. I believe the city thought if more up scale businesses came to our city more money would be generated by the NYC folks. The environment improved by the beach but not in the common areas where all us common folks lived, who by the way can't afford to step foot in any of those new beautiful shops on the busy summer beach blocks. The foods we were not familiar to us and the clothes were not our style or PRICE! Compared to the surrounding cities Asbury Park schools and people are poor. I would hope for the future of this town to one day become more environmentally safe and people with better education and financial planning skills help this city to become a better place to raise families.
The Famous Asbury Park, well known for its beach and boardwalk. As well as bad schooling and horrible crime rate.

The atmosphere you may get in Asbury is very different. You could be in a good one or bad. Depending on your location and time of day. If I could live here again I would because it's a beautiful place & its also all I've know my entire life. But then again I would not want to. With many reasons why but the main one being a High School graduating rate of 38 percent for the 2014/2015 school year. Its only gotten worse over the years!
My overall experience of Asbury Park is okay , I lived in Asbury all of my life , so I've gotten use to the environment, I would like to come back. This is my hometown , I have so much friends and family here. Compared to any other country Asbury wouldn't even be on the board.
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