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I have lived in my small town for as long as I remember. I love it here because I have learned to appreciate it. I have mountains in my backyard that offer me beautiful views.
I have lived in Arvin for about 7 years It's a very small town but people here are very friendly and honest. My husband has lost his wallet 3 times since we've lived here and all 3 times it was returned to him intact ..That says a lot about a community. The charter school here is Grimmway Academy and I don't know who loves it more me or my children! Yes it's small town with not much to do but in my opinion it's a town worth living in.
Arvin, CA is a small city about 25 minutes away from Bakersfield, CA. It's a very knit community with friendly faces and welcoming enviorment. Most stores are only a walking distance from the neighborhoods. The only thing that would make Arvin better would be if they would build houses or small shopping centers in the empty dirt fields.
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I have been living in Arvin, California my entire existence. This city is my hometown and I love my hometown. But there is some disadvantages of living in this small town. First, and most importantly is air quality. This city is well known for having the worst air pollution in California. Hence, this will/ can cause illnesses in its residents. Secondly, is job opportunities. This small town mostly consists of small markets. These small markets can only employ a small amount of individuals. Therefore, this might be one of the biggest reason of unemployment and crime rate here. This city is full of amazing people, this city and its residents deserve more.
arvin is a small town, clean and people are friendly.majority of people are hispanics, is a quiet and comfortable place to live.
The sense of safety in this area is quite good because I believe that all the people sleep well at night knowing that they have the police doing what they are suppose to do which is keeping the town safe. Crimes where I live are not common but little things might happen here and there. The visibility of the police is quite good because they at end of the day they get their job done and the town is safe and stays safe.
overall i think its an okay place to live but there is better
i would say transportation is mostly either walking or driving since it is a small city
i would say my city has very bad weather because of how hot it can get causing fields to dry which causes tons of jobs to be lost.
comparing to other cities i would say we only have cultural restaurants and experiences making this review harder to write.
The overall employment in my community would be labor farm worker and sometimes its conditions are pretty bad and i wouldnt find it as an enjoyable job but something you just have to deal with
For being a very small town the stores are somewhat convenient but sometimes over price leading people to travel atlas 30 miles to fine better and cheaper necessities
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