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I enjoy Olde Town Arvada. All the little shops have come together over the years and I know more to come. It feels homely and welcoming.
It's a great quiet suburb with a cute little 'Old Towne' section to walk around. It is pretty windy in the northwest portion of Arvada, but anywhere along the front range will find that. I do wish it was more easily accessible to public transportation, but it's been great living here.
Arvada is a quiet suburb of Denver Colorado and is a great place to raise a family. The public schooling in this area is great, considering both academics and athletics. There is not a whole lot to do in Arvada, but this city is at least 20-30 minutes from Colorado's most popular cities such as Boulder and Denver.
I have lived in Arvada for 8 years and I love it! I always feel super safe and there is so much to do!
Arvada is an open, safe community. The area is quite beautiful and welcoming, with a variety of lakes and parks, and a view of the Rocky Mountains from a distance. Furthermore, markets and grocery stores are within walking distance of most residential areas for the convenience of Arvada residents.
It my favorite place in colorado to live and I have live all over colorado.it's nice quite by close enough to downtown and the Rocky Mountains
I love Arvada, it is a great town for famillies with many schools and recreation areas. I have lived here my entire life, and live it. There are limited things to do in Arvada at night, but many fun things to do within a 15 minute drive! Close to the mountains, city, Boulder, and Golden.
Arvada has great community and good government services. It is a very pleasant place to live but the high rate of new housing developments is disappointing.
Arvada is a small suburban town near Golden Colorado. I live in west Arvada and for the most part I enjoy living here. I have good family friends that live here and it's not to far from Denver or the mountains, its pretty much right in the middle. Arvada has good public schools and the community is very involved with volunteering for the schools. There has been a lot more people moving to this area in the last 5 years. It is growing like crazy. There has been more houses, stores, and shops being developed each day. Arvada is a very safe community and has many local fire stations, police stations, and hospitals, to keep the community members safe and healthy.
Living out here is very nice. The people are welcoming and like dogs. I wish it was a little more walkable.
Arvada is a wonderful town that is growing like crazy. It is becoming the new hot spot, with the revamp of Old Town Arvada it is the place to be. Many restaurants, brewery's, bars, and things to do it has been a huge draw in the past few years. The growth has brought many people to this town who really enjoy living there. It's a good fit for families or young individuals who can't afford living in Denver, it's a not as expensive. There's lots to do and it is a happy community!
Great area with ample parks, walking paths, and playgrounds for children. Also a really quaint downtown area with delicious restaurants and shops.
Very nice suburb in good location, overall great place to live. There are excellent schools and there is lots of growth as well.
I lived in Arvada, CO for 22 years and I couldn't be more happy to live in a city full of thriving exciting community. There is so much you can do from art activities, restaurants, festivals, boutique stores, community center, and many more. Arvada is building up profit in the last 7 years and keeps bring new business in. I can say Arvada will always be my hometown.
I have called Arvada home since i was eight and my family moved from Westminster a few miles away. Growing up here, it is easy to see how much my small town has changed, turning from a sleepy historic center into a social hub. I often find myself reminiscing about the town: this building used to be an empty lot, I've seen five businesses come and go in that building. Many times, I become frustrated with the now-heavy traffic, the rush of every day life here, and I often miss what used to be Denver's quiet little secret. But on the weekends, Arvada shines with a life of its own. Local breweries, farmers markets, and home-made ice cream parlors, and of course friendly people, give Arvada a new personality, not different from the Arvada that I knew, only friendlier and more welcoming. As I grew from a girl into a woman, Arvada grew up with me.
I Have lived in Arvada most of my life and have enjoyed growing up there. The schools from my experience were fairly good which provided me with a good educational outlook. The infrastructre is fairly good where they have been improving trails as well as parks. They have keept some open space parks, which is nice to escape to and walk the dogs. Things have been chaning though where there is a lot more traffic and the town of arvada is changing. From being a small local community that was inbetween everthing, it has grown to a city inbetween the other cities. Traffic and visitors is good for the economy here in town, but when it doent die down and building are built on top another, there is little space and people cram. No longer a small town, big businesses have moved in while apartments are built in the small gaps. This has all taken away from the small local community of arvada.
Nice small town just outside of Denver Colorado. Easy access to highways. Lots of restaurants and nice parks.
Overall, I really like the area. It is a bit old and has some room for improvements. Yet, it is still safe in most places and has a little bit of everything. Old town Arvada is a great place to go for some night life. Commute and job opportunities are not bad either, but could be a little better.
Arvada is a relatively quiet place, with an old settlers history. It really expanded in the 1970s but has been constantly updated along the way. Arvada is pretty small, but encompasses a decent land area. Its mainly residential with some light commercial like walmart, king soopers, walgreens, restaurants, and a few places to hang out like pubs and various places of entertainment.
Lot of new people moving in lately, home prices are on the rise. Many people need to tend to their yard and house as they have fallen into disrepair
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