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The city of Arvada is a great place to raise a family. The area is quiet and laidback. My neighborhood is closed to schools, grocery stores, and is only a twenty-five-minute commute to downtown Denver.
Arvada is great! Lots of shopping and eating. Close to downtown. Light rail is now open. Close to the mountains for adventure. Cost of living is tough. Real estate market is tight. Don't know about renting, but I am expecting it to be high.
Love Arvada! It's close to Denver without all the headaches. Since the G-line opened up it has been great. Olde Town Arvada is one of my favorite areas.
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Arvada has been my home for almost 19 years. I was born and raised here. The town is small yet big at the same time. There is always something to do and new people to meet. I love the fact that it's like a small city yet we still have quite a bit of nature here. It is a perfect place to raise a family if someone is looking for the best of both worlds with city and country.
I love living between Denver and Golden. Just minutes away from everything. Arvada is growing and we now have lightrails G line and alot of new businesses are calling Arvada home. The people are nice but I have to say that I love all the parks. There is always something to do here.
Arvada is the perfect place for a growing family to settle down. The city consists largely of young families and seniors. College-age people will want to explore other options - there is, unfortunately, not much to do here for you!
Arvada is very family friendly town, with welcoming people everywhere you turn! I have lived here my whole life and have loved it! Olde Town is great place to spend a day shopping and hanging out. The Ralston Creek Trail is such a refreshing place to walk.
In Arvada there is many things to do from movies to parks. I live near olde town Arvada and there is so many things to do in that area, go to the little shops, great food, and the Army Navy surplus store is always fun to go in and see what they have for sale. In Arvada I always see cops out and about and I feel safe because of it. This is my home town and it always will have a place in my heart because it's such a great area. Its sad that I have to leave for college in the fall because it is so different from here, Arvada is a big area and I like having all the options to do things with people and my family.
Arvada is a fairly large community with many organizations and events. There are some beautiful parts of town and the parks are well managed. Some Arvada public schools are not the most popular, but many are very good academically. Overall Arvada is a beautiful diverse place that has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the past.
I love to see the growth and Olde Town Arvada flourish!

More dog parks would be nice! There has been a rise in the housing market.
I grew up in Arvada and moved away in 1994. I returned to the area and purchased a home approximately 6 years ago. In those 6 years Arvada has blossomed and continues to grow and make improvements and updates to the neighborhoods. The area has a very low crime rate and remains a safe community.
Love the neighborhood involvement and close-knit community. Everyone on the next door app give their thoughts, opinions, and truly assist those in need in this community. I’ve never been involved with such a responsive group of people. They even share videos of thieves in the neighborhood and who or what to keep an eye out for.
I would like to see the roads improved, but that's Colorado in general. Arvada is a good family community, the annual Harvest festival is awesome. We go to the parade every year, and it's a fun family-friendly and safe event to go to.
It's a decent place to live. It's quiet. if you had to pick a suburb of Denver its one of the better ones. It isn't the most diverse place, but that is not too bad in the scheme of things.
The City has a goal of a park within walking distance of every home. There are many parks and bike paths throughout arvada. I am not a fan of the encouragement of developments of single family homes on every inch of open space.
Used to be an amazing and unique little suburb with lots of pride and spirit. The heart of Arvada has changed a lot from being run by Colorado natives to be run by transplants. Growing up in this town was an amazing experience with great schools, lots of family friendly activities, and was affordable. As time has passed, most of the natives have been forced out due to property owners wanting to increase rent by ridiculous amounts. A crappy one bedroom apartment goes for around $1,100 a month which is what my family paid for a 3 bed 2 bath duplex when I was growing up.
Born and raised here, this place holds a special place in my heart. Although, as the years have passed, the small community and evolved mostly good, but some of the heart is gone.
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The city of Arvada is a great community to live in. Most neighborhoods are quiet and well kept. There is lots of diversity throughout Arvada as well. Arvada has been home to me most of my life. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Colorado. In the middle of Boulder, CO and Downtown Denver.
Very family friendly and many things to do like you can go swimming and biking and walk your dog and go to school. Very family friendly and many things to do like you can go swimming and biking and walk your dog and go to school. Very family friendly and many things to do like you can go swimming and biking and walk your dog and go to school. Very family friendly and many things to do like you can go swimming and biking and walk your dog and go to school. Very family friendly and many things to do like you can go swimming and biking and walk your dog and go to school.
Lived here since I was a baby, went to elementary, middle and high school here. It's a great place to raise a family and everyone here is very friendly.
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