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I haven't heard of a lot of crime around here lately. So I feel safe in my home and when I'm out as well.
I love Gig Harbor but it has been expanding a lot in the last few years and I don't like it. Bigger stores and more logging from adding homes. Ew.
Other than the occasional car accidents and speeders, there are no other crimes or police presents.
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The area of Gig Harbor is friendly, quiet, and peaceful. It's a great place for people to either raise their kids or retire
Very nice town. Very judgy people.
Police are always around and very responsive. There is not much crime, though there have been incidents of attempted kidnapping and break-ins.
The surrounding area is quite peaceful. Gorgeous views of the mountain and the downtown area has nice shops and places to eat. Businesses and new stores are opening, creating new jobs and homes being built.
In my experience, I personally have not seen any crimes or had safety concerns.
Gig Harbor is not only beautiful, but it is community focused. There is an overall pride in homeownership. The neighborhoods are generally well maintained, and safe. There are few areas that qualify as "bad" areas (unlike many places in WA - several of which on your list). Convenience is also a key factor in GIg Harbor. There are plenty of amenities that make it possible not to have to leave Gig Harbor and pay the toll. The toll is the only drawback.
Houses in this city can be pretty expensive, especially when purchasing a waterfront. There are hardly any abandoned houses/stores, and properties usually sell pretty fast. The big neighborhoods are nice to live in but where I live its pretty private with a couple houses around us which is also nice too.
The people here in Gig Harbor are some of the friendliest people that I know. People are always willing to help others and are happy to do so. There are people of all ages that live here, it is perfect for kids all the way to elders. We support the Seattle Seahawks very much and lots of stores will display the Seahawks logo in their window or somewhere in their store. I love living in Gig Harbor!
There is hardly any crime in Gig Harbor. The police are always on top of things when there are problems. There is usually some road constructions, so sometimes you have to take detours. Other than that, its a very safe and easy town to get around in.
I love Gig Harbor! The people are super friendly and you have everything you could ever need in this city. Downtown is breathtaking, especially on clear sunny days. I would highly recommend this area, its perfect for families of all ages.
I see this area growing immensely in the future.
It's an 'alright' place to live. There are not many places to do family activities or teen hang outs.
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