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The area in the part of the town that I am in is safe. This doesn't mean that the whole town is safe. I rate the crime and safety okay because at times it can be quite bad and most times good. Lately, I haven't really heard anything bad going on around here. I feel like the police as well as the ambulance are good with being there when a incident happens. Some nights when I am sleep, A sound goes off and I can literally hear the ambulance in like five minutes. I even hear a police siren in my sleep sometimes. I believe that they respond effectively to different situations. I would say that the crime and safety is depended on what part of the town you're in.
Farmville, NC in my opinion is a okay area to stay in. Sometimes its better to live outside of the city. This town offers enough for the residents, while it may not have everything, it's sufficient. Every year, as I heard, this town has a festival, notably, the Dogwood Festival, where people can enjoy themselves. The atmosphere is quite good and this is a good area to grow. I only been here for about a year and eight months and feel like I grew some. For the future, I picture that the town has expanded and has more available to people than what is today. If more places like stores or whatnot was build in the town, then it will be great. Nevertheless the town is good and has the opportunity to grow as years go by.
If the fathers in this town would step up to their role, the youth would have a better outlook on their future. There are some great parents in the town, but overall there aren't.
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To maintain in this atmosphere, you have to obtain a strong and positive self-esteem.
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