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I have lived in Artesia pretty much my whole life. It has always been a safe neighborhood. Artesia is an extremely diverse city and I think that is what I love about it the most. Every year, the city hold its diversity festival and the whole town gets together. I would say it's definitely family friendly.
I grew up in Artesia , Ive visited other areas stayed in other cities and I would never change my hometown of Artesia for another its a perfect location and great family town .
Artesia is a great little city right in the middle of Cerritos. With the recent work being done, the city looks more clean and renovated. Artesia Park is bustling with children and families on the weekends playing and watching sports, creating a welcoming family friendly environment. They are also rebuilding the Artesia Library so we can look forward to that very soon!
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I have been living in Artesia for 3 years know, It's really good place to live, because, it's save, Also there is a lot of nice shopping centers, and places for jobs, I want the city to take care for the streets, there are a lot of broken once
A city is filled with Indian and Asian. People are relatively quiet and the city feels much more safe in comparison to Norwalk. It would be great to see community events to bond people of different background.
Artesia is a nice small town with a lot of diversity. I like that there's many different types of restaurants to try (For example: Thai, Vietnamese, Asian fusion, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.). I would like to see more different cultures come together in town events.
Artesia is a very close and tight knit community. Artesia has a strong emphasis on encouraging the growth of small businesses which is why almost anywhere you go in Artesia, you will always find a unique compact shop. The streets are fairly small but you can still get by with a little patience.
Artesia so far has been a pretty good place to live in. There are plenty of neighborhoods full of family homes, along with both big and small businesses around. It's a decent distance between LA, Long Beach, and Orange County, so it's not TOO terrible if you have to commute. There is plenty to do and plenty to eat that can fulfill just about any craving you may have. I could see myself buying a home here after finishing school and getting a job with my degree.
The diversity in the area is huge. There is Little India located in our suburb and has lots of Middle Eastern and Eastern Asians. The local shops are great. Supermarkets are accessible.
It's not all that crime filled.
There has not been any serious crime around the area just accidents with cars.
If i where to have the option to choose to live there or somewhere else i would choose to stay. Reason being is because of a great community and close by stores.
There is a lot of local attraction nearby.
I live behind an ethnic area with lots of small businesses, so it tends to get loud. Also, there have been some street constructions in the area, so there are some streets that are blocked currently. The noise level is a bit loud for the part of town that I live in. However, I feel like this neighborhood is safe and I enjoy being able to go to restaurants nearby. There are many different ethnic foods from different parts of the world here, which is nice. I also like how there is a lot of diversity among peoples living in this area. The schools are really good too. There are some high schools in this area that are mentioned in the list of the top 10 high schools in America.
The general atmosphere has improved in the past years. Neighbors have become more friendly and the area has become safer than it was in the past. Parks around the area have improved and a move to improve opportunities for residents of the area is clearly being seen. I would still live here if I could do it all over again. I feel this is a slightly above average area to live in and I enjoy living in the area that I live.
I absolutely love living where I do. It is a great area, and the atmosphere is good. The neighborhoods are nice, the streets are nice, and the people who live in this neighborhood are also very nice. I have many great memories living here, and if I could relive everything again, I would still live here.
All the stores in artesia are mostly family owned and they're usually pretty old. Really cheap, but there are other things that's more affordable than them close by.
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Almost no abandoned properties, cost of housing increases a little each year. Quality of housing is good but some homes may require regular up-keeping because most of the homes were built many years ago.
I have heard of a couple of crimes every year but nothing very frequent
People are friendly and the neighborhood feels safe.
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