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It is generally a safe area. There are not a whole lot of nightlife or bars to go to. the school systems are average but there are some good private schools near. It is not a high cost of living and compared to other areas of St. Louis.
I like that Arnold is not as busy as some cities. I would like to see less buildings of shopping centers and I would rather see more parks.
Lots of shopping, restaurants and great schools. It's also very close to Downtown St Louis. There's a decent amount of nightlife and places to sing karaoke or go bowling.
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I was born in Arnold and grew up running around its streets. What I like most about it is that it is a small town, though its businesses and attractions are that of the city such as Arnold days, Fourth of July Celebration and their Farmer's Market every Saturday morning, as well as the tailgate sales. Many of these events have become apart of my family tradition, a tradition that I fully intend to share with my kids. Arnold, with all of its restaurants and events, gives me the feeling of community. I felt it as a kid and I still feel it.
Arnold is a safe place to live. Arnold is growing in businesses and has everything close. Arnold is clean and pleasant. Arnold schools offer great education and strive to support students in all levels.
I love how many things there are to do in Arnold including roller-skating, swimming, going to the recreational center and/or library, going to the mall, etc...Name it and we probably have it! In addition, it's the perfect size. It's not too big to be crowded, but not too small to where there are no activity or eating options. Also, the area is kept nice and you won't find much crime or broken down areas.
I have grown up and gone to school in Arnold. It is a very family friendly community and has very good commute time to almost anything. There could however be a better nightlife scene here.
Very clean area with lots of shopping. The schools are great. This area is very safe and family friendly.
I love living in this area. Everything you need is right in town and you are only 15 minutes from St. Louis. It is a vibrant area with excellent schools and a closeknit community.
While the sales tax is quite high in this town, it's quite safe and has grown exponentially within the past 10-15 years. In the 90's and early 2000's, it was all highway and fields. Now, you can't drive down the road without seeing churches, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and the like.
I've lived in arnold for the past 5 years. I have never personally had a problem while living here. While there is crime anywhere you go. I have never been subjected to it.
I've been a resident for 11 years and I went to the local schools and graduated from them. There are a lot of stores and places to eat around here but there isn't a lot of things to do for entertainment. There is a movie theatre and there are some bars.
I feel like this is a relatively safe city to live in. This city is also quiet at night. There is never disturbances around town and there are opportunities to do many different things around town. It is not a super big city, but there are some very nice homes and neighborhoods. I would recommend living here.
Very safe, but not much in the way of entertainment and night life. A good place to raise a family. Schools are decent. There are plenty of shopping and restaurants.
Housing in Jefferson County is a lot cheaper than across the Meremac River in South St. Saint Louis County. St. Louis County has run out of room to build, so there are many, newer housing areas in the Arnold area.
Arnold has all of the amenities of other St. Louis suburbs but all very centrally located on one main street, Jeffco Blvd. There are three major grocery stores, several retail stores, a plethora of eating establishments from fast food to morre moderate priced dining. It is also just minutes away from other large st. Louis suburbs.
We have a mix of housing here. There are duplexes, apartment buildings, single-family homes, manufactured home parks, rental houses, motels and hotels. For instance on my street there are all single -family homes and one or two of them is a rental house. Around the corner from me there is a lot of industrial businesses and duplexes.
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My community isn't large but isn't small either. Most of the people are friendly and helpful. There are a lot of places to eat and shop around here. Not too much entertainment though, but there is a cinema and two parks where you can play and fish and picnic and a dog park. We are only 20 minutes from downtown where most of the activity takes place. Most people have lived here for a long time, my family has been here for almost 11 years at our current residence.
We have an average number of break-ins and vandalism like any other community. Our murder rate is low and so is our major crimes.
Arnold, Missouri is a great community to live in. We are 20 minutes from St. Louis so you are close to all the sports, parks, museums, riverfront, etc. We are not a large community but we are by no means a small community. We have 2 different school districts with a lot of elementary schools, middle schools and 3 different high schools.
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