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I've lived in Arnold for 10 years. It's the longest I've lived anywhere and I love that there is so much to see and do within a day-trip sort of distance if you are so inclined to seek it out. If I were the kind of person who enjoyed winter I'd be able to rate it higher ;) The only other complaint I have of the area is that it is not very diverse, but that's another thing that is easily sought out.
I love the safety and community feel of Arnold, MD. I also love that I grew up here and have decided to raise my family here as well. That should tell you what I think of Arnold. I would change the cost of housing in Arnold if I could. It is super expensive to live in this part of AA County.
Very safe area with good schools and friendly neighbors. However, as you can infer from the bare international cuisine section of the local grocery store, the area is not very diverse and can be limiting in terms of experiencing and connecting wth different cultures.
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I like Arnold as it is close to Annapolis, Maryland and really close to work with being a great place to raise my children.
Arnold is a very safe town. The schools are excellent and there is alot of restaurants. It has one of the best community colleges in the country. I would have liked it better if Arnold had a bike/walking path to allow more exercise.
Arnold is a good place to live. I love the way the town comes out to support us while we play games. Whether it's basketball, football, soccer or lacrosse they always come out. The only thing I would like to see is for the town to become diverse.
Arnold is a safe area to live. It is family friendly. Since we are surrounded by water many stay active. The cost of living is astronomical. Many homes on the market are a million dollars. And rent is around $1,500 for tiny apartments. In downtown Annapolis the nightlife is active but I don't think Arnold is much of a party scene. The traffic for my morning commute is terrible, sometimes its 45 minutes getting onto 50 as I work in Annapolis. I had a very difficult time finding work as a recent high school grad who deferred college for a year to save up for tuition. The best thing about Arnold to me is the healthcare. I have many health problems and I am very fortunate to be living in the wealthiest state considering my earnings classify me as living in poverty. Medicaid in Arnold allows you access to Johns Hopkins University doctors who are world renowned. Its a good place for the sick and poor to live in that sense or if you are a wealthy family man.
Never afraid to walk outside and the neighbors are always super friendly.
There is NO crime in this area. We never have an issue in our area. The police and fire station is less than 5 minutes away so if there were a problem they are extremely close by, not to mention the hospital is 10 minutes away. But overall, the community never has a problem.
If I never lived here and were looking for my first house with my new family, I would still choose this neighborhood. It's home. It's quiet but full of life and full of kids who love to get together at the park and play kickball with parents grilling and talking. We have new houses being built in hopes that new families come and join the neighborhood as well! It's a really nice, quiet, friendly place to live. Great place to start a family.
I would feel very safe, the police are very visible and responsive, they make sure everything is fine. The one of few concerns are that the cameras on traffic lights flash so brightly that they could blind drivers for several critical seconds.
This area is far enough from the cities that there are fewer incidences of noise pollution happening. There are more people moving here though, because of the development happening in our area. There is more wildlife wandering the streets than before they started adding complexes. The general atmosphere is becoming less suburban and more city like. I see a giant city in this area's future, possibly comparable to Baltimore.
During the day, the neighborhood is fine and it feels safe. At night however, I would feel uncomfortable and unsafe walking outside alone because there is a lack of lighting on the sidewalks. Of the people I've met in my neighborhood, they all seem nice.
There isnt really crime in the area and if there ever is, it is more along the lines of theft
I've lived here my whole life, and there's nothing too special about where i live. There are nice people here who are just average. It's probably the better of the neighborhoods around here. There's no crime in my neighborhood and it's pretty clean.
The seventeen years I have lived in Annapolis/Arnold in the Whispering Woods community I have always been content and enjoyed it. The area is near to a great high school that I call home, Broadneck High School. As well as multiple quality elementary and middle schools. The surrounding neighborhoods are filled with a mostly family-oriented homes. With great youth sports associations near by there is even more opportunities for children and parents to make connections and grow. I love the area I have been born and raised in.
I love living in this area, nothing makes me happier than to be near the water and in such a great school area. But the price of living and the price of homes is atrocious.
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The community is fairly active around here.
people always speed through neighborhoods
The Ymca is really good in my area!
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