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Armada is an interesting town. Stays the same for years, it seems. The people seem to be all white, all Christian, all straight. Not that it's bad, but there's not any culture there besides the farmer culture.
The fire dept. and ems services are very good, but the police pull people over for stupid reasons sometimes.
It is not the best, but it is livable around the area.
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There are many waitress and food service oppurtunities in the area.
Summer usually ranges from the 90's to 70's. Spring is in the 50's and 60's. Winters are snowy and very cold in the negatives. Fall is similar to spring.
There is one bar in this area. There is a restaurant that also has a bar and that is about all there is for nightlife around town.
Our town has a contract that there will never be fast food restaurants. We have Subway and Tivoli's, but we have to go to nearby towns for everything else.
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