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Arlington, TX is a beautiful city, there is so much to explore everyday. They have amusement parks, museums, ballparks, football stadiums, etc. Every weekend they have a new event. Overall, Arlington is a great place to hang out in, but the city and the people need to work on keeping they're home clean and mess free.
I love the fact that Arlington is close to all the major attractions that are in the metroplex. There is always something to do here from the local shopping, amusements parks and hotels for family and friends. The schools in the area are still in a good rating and the child care providers have not let me down.
Arlington is a great city. Located right in the middle of every thing. Cheep to live in and not to far from anywhere.
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Arlington has everything that you need within a very short distance. If you don't mind the heat, then walking to most destinations is actually an option. It may even be preferred if one has the time, since there are a ton of truck drivers who believe they own the road. The only problem on the political side is the same problem that we have at the national level: our government does not represent the people.
Arlington has the chance to be something really special, but it's not. There are plenty of affluent people in the area to really bring up the overall scene, but instead the voters have chosen to spend millions and millions on sport teams while roads go unattended. This is the heard of DFW and it should be that, instead of having out sad excuse for a downtown.
What I enjoy most about Arlington is the diversity throughout the city. You run into people of all races. I think that UTA has a great faculty, great educators. They also have some really nice parks including River Legacy Park in north Arlington. However, there is some major construction issues that causes a lot of traffic in central Arlington.
I've lived here all my life and there's always a lot going on. Traffic could be a bit better, but what do you expect with a growing, up and coming city?!
Great small city between Dallas and Fort Worth with a lot of great people! The community is diverse and also has many places with slot of growth.
Love this city! Lots and great college town! Rangers and the Cowboys and six flags! Love living nearby here to visit very often!
Arlington is a phenomenal town that gives both an urban and rural vibe all at once. There are innumerable events happening all over the town that bring people together and endless opportunities for fun, volunteering, and more.
I've seen a lot of police activity. Some shootings. I would like to see the area cleaned up. More healthier places to eat. Best schools for the kids.
I love the convenience of being close to 2 big cities (Dallas and Ft Worth) without the hassle of big city traffic. Property taxes are decent too.
I moved to Arlington when I was really young and it is such a great city. It is not Dallas where everything is crowded but you have all the things you need close enough.
Arlington, Texas is a great city to live. I love the diversity which means we have a lot of restaurants with food from all over the world. Public schools are ok. We have the Rangers and Cowboys stadiums here. The only downside is that there is no real public transportation.
Arlington is a large, urban city with lots to do. However, that means lots of traffic and crazy drivers as well. I would like see some form of public transportation, especially considering Arlington is a college town where over 10,000 students live on campus, many without transportation themselves. Having a bus system would help those students and even help people like me, who don't live too far from campus, save myself the headache of driving by taking the bus. The traffic is my biggest complaint about the city.
Although Arlington is large in population, it still has a small town atmosphere. It is easy to get around, there is a plethora of restaurants, shopping, libraries, entertainment, and Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers!!
I like Arlington for its shopping and restaurants. Any kind of food can be found and we have shopped in North and South Arlington. Arlington as affordable housing as well.
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I lived in Arlington for 17 years. My best friends still live there. My three sons grew up there. We only moved because of employment. Arlington is between Fort Worth and Dallas so you can enjoy everything in both cities--shopping, dining, plays, opera, hockey, soccer and the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers have stadiums there. Fort Worth and Dallas both have excellent zoos. Six Flags over Texas and Hurricane Harbor are there. Oh yes, we can't forget the Texas State Fair. What is there not to like!
I like Arlington has a lot of places to do and see. There are tons of places to go out to eat, have a date, go out, have fun. It is sure worth a trip to Arlington. The change could be making construction faster because there are a lot of cars and people living throughout Arlington that need to be somewhere. The schools are great, shopping places, diversity, cultural foods, different churches, etc.
I really like Arlington, Texas. I went to elementary, middle, and high school here and I plan on going to college at UTA. It's a really nice community. There are all different kinds of people in Arlington, it's really diverse.
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