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Lots of things to do and people to see. There's lots of diversity and a wide variety of places to live.
Arlington is a wonderful place to live and its developing so we have a metropolitan suburb. Also, there are wonderful restaurants and places to entertain family.
Arlington is a good city but it depends where you live. I live near Mansfield and i have never been scared to leave my house and go to a friends house or a store.
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I have been living in Arlington for several years, and I can say it is a very commute and family friendly. There are also a wide variety of places to go to that can cater almost any lifestyle.
Arlington is a safe, family friendly city. The schools are average and the civilians are average as well. The city does not have many attractions available and rarely has anything "fun" to do.
I like everything about Arlington and there wouldn't be anything I would want to change about it. It is a great city and there are many colleges over there that i can apply to. The campuses are close, stores are everywhere, and the people are very friendly. The city of Arlington is also very safe. If had had any city I would stay in for my college years it, it would definitely be Arlington.
I love the fact that there are many fun attractions you can visit, and that everything you could possibly need is very close.
A great environment! I feel at home away from home. Plenty of activities to do everywhere. The traffic was something to get used to but worth it.
I have been living in Arlington my whole life and what I like most about Arlington is it is located between two big cities Dallas and Fort Worth. Another thing about Arlington is it's actually growing in terms of more places for me to go to on the weekend such as restaurants, shopping centers, and bars.
I've lived in this city for seven years and I still find that there is plenty of places for gamers, foodies, sports fans and thrill seekers. Arlington is a city that anyone can enjoy!
I've lived here my whole life and I've never felt like it was a bad place to live. It's very busy, but not always so, and there's a lot of conveniences nearby. The roads could use some improvement in places, but they seem to already be under construction and on the way to be improved.
Arlington is a very diverse city will many kind people. It has a lot of opportunities for its people and is also a city to do many things. It is a town for everyone, kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors. We have a wonderful college located near downtown which is UTA. Arlington treats their people with great respect and listens to them when we give back feedback. I would not change anything about Arlington! All of the years I have lived here it has been a great experience and I continue to make many more memories here.
I lived in Arlington my whole life and It is just great. I like how this city is very safe, very open, and diverse. There is just so many things to do in Arlington. Even though it is a small city, there is many activities to do. The people here are very friendly. I would not change anything about Arlington, It is just a great place to live.
Arlington is one the fastest growing cities in Texas, and living here feels like being a part of history.
Arlington is an extremely diverse community filled to the brim with kind and friendly people. The city is large and spread out, so there are many places to visit, such as the Cowboys Stadium and Six Flags Over Texas.
Arlington is a relatively safe area to live. I love all of our city parks and walking/ biking trails. The fact that your kids can play on a playground while you walk a trail...or ride a bike/ ride a horse all at the same place and time is wonderful! The schools are great and we have multiple art focused and tri-lingual schools in our city.
Growing town that is full of things to do. Its hard to get bored here. It just needs some new leadership.
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Arlington overall is filled with so much to do that makes it a great location for families. The local government is having some problems though or else it would be 5 stars.
Arlington has a very good mall and good entertainment. They have Six Flags Over Texas, The Globe Park, and The Parks Of Arlington to go shopping.
I've lived in Arlington since high school and I already feel like part of the community. It's a great city to live in with its suburban feel and major cities like the Dallas and Fort Worth areas are close.
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