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Arlington has a lot to do if you're interested in eating, shopping, or or going to a pro-sporting event. It is home to the Cowboys Stadium, Rangers Stadium, and Six Flags over Texas and Hurricane Harbor. There is a lot to do for families if they like to do fun activities together. Arlington is a very diverse city because of the University of Texas at Arlington, which has one of the biggest nursing and engineering programs in the state, and it brings in many out of state and International students from around the world. It is very urban and close to Dallas and Fort Worth as well, which makes it convenient to go to the attractions in those cities as well.
I have lived in Arlington all of my life. It is home to me. I like the schools in Arlington, and that there are a lot of things to do in and around town. I would like to see some improvements on the roads all around town, not just around the stadiums and entertainment districts.
Good variety of things to do and places to eat. It is however overcrowded. Arlington is home to many places such as the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Six Flags Over Texas. There are also many restaurants both national and small family owned. I believe the local government does a good job in getting places to come here. They are now building a new entertainment district Arlington Live.
I lived in Arlington all of my life...if you do not count the year I was born in Kansas then yea. Its a good city-urban place for those who kinda like lots of people yet want some space from time to time. Arlington has many events to go like they have a baseball stadium for the Rangers, The ATT stadium, and yes also six flags! Though the only thing I would like to see is better traffic control when the two stadiums have events at the same time it's like the worse traffic there which is the only real con I see other than that its been amazing.
been living here for years and i love it. the neighborhoods are clean and safe, and alos theres so much to do here such as the staidum and the ball park as well as the mall and so forth. great city to live in here in the state of texas.
friendly people, a lot of nice attractions, big city but not to big. and close to Dallas and Fort Worth for outings.
Arlington is a beautiful city to live in. It's a very convenient location because it is in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth so everything is 30-45 minutes away. In Arlington there is also Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, the AT&T stadium, and the Global Life Park so there is always something fun to do.
Arlington is a nice suburban city with a good amount of diversity and family friendly activities. It has AT&T stadium, two Six Flags amusement parks, and is right in between Dallas and Fort Worth. There is some nightlife and a good community feel.
Lots of apartments and the school systems are nice check out sherrod elementary, my nephews did amazing and the after school activities are great. The parks are nice and you see a lot of people out jogging and biking the streets. Nice neighborhoods!
Arlington is a growing community, family friendly and diversified. Great university and community colleges. Convenient location between Dallas and Fort Worth.
Arlington had been my home since 1993. I actually really love it here because of six flags and the Arlington highlands! Universities are great and a busy yet tranquil environment.
Arlington is a small town in a big city. So close to everything, and so many attractions can be a little overwhelming sometimes. But the community is amazing.
Arlington is a great city to live in socially and economically. It has great entertainments like the Dallas Cowboys and The Texas Rangers which benefit many companies with merchandise and revenue. The cost to live here in much cheaper than other places if looking in the correct area. Plus Arlington is basically right there in the middle of all of our neighboring cities.
I've lived here most of my life and seen how much it has grown. Its developed into a more modern city that keeps setting the bar high for real estate and business. The Dallas Cowboys Stadium has brought a lot of business and revenue to the city!
Arlilngton, Tx is a great town, especially for a college student. People are friendly, and nice, and their is plenty of cultural diversity. Lots of good places to eat. The constant construction is a pain, but you get use to it.
I've been living in Arlington my whole life, past 17 years. I've switched between schools and moved a lot. Got my first job at 15 and saw the AT@T stadium get built. Overall I would say that there's a good amount of stuff to do here whether you'v been living here a long time or you're just visiting.
I love Arlington due to the fact that they are rejuvenating a city back to life. While public schools are a little concerning, the city administration is working on making education better for all children. Road work to improve infrastructure is also high priority and I am glad to be a member of groups that promote the growth of and pride in Arlington
I like Arlington! It is a good city with many family-friendly events. There are many things to do such as six flags and the Dallas Cowboys stadium.
Arlington pd are very nice and helpful to citizens and the teachers In the school district really do try their best to go above and beyond while teaching students.
I've lived her all my life. It has turned into quite a Mexican town. It's not as sketchy as Grand Prairie, but it's not super nice either.
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