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I really enjoy arlington, it's diversity and stadiums make it a really nice place to have a family. The education here is very nice, with the cost of living here not being so high even with the stadiums and all.
I'm here for school, so most of my time is spent on campus. However, it's nice to have everything I need within a 10 minute drivetime.
I like Arlington due to the diversity and all the local restaurants. I like how its never the same there is always something new to see everyday.
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Its in a great location between Dallas and Fort Worth , a lot of opportunity to grow. Its the first place i moved to when i moved from California to Texas and i got to meet a lot of different people. The people here are friendly and ive made some of my best friends in this area of Texas. Another thing i like about the city is that it has the Cowboys stadium and the Rangers Ballpark in it. All in all this is probably the best location to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Arlington is a great place to live. Great schools, everything you need is accessible, and you'll be close to Dallas and Fort Worth.
Looking at Arlington, Texas, I'd venture to say that my experience living there has been very good. I have found that the further away we are from Dallas, the cheaper the cost of living is in cities such as Arlington. Along these lines, t housing is in high demand as a result of overflow from industry relocating to the DFW Metroplex. With that being said, there is much growth potential from a industrial, entertainment and retail standpoint. By investing in public transit and airport improvements, Arlington stands to gain immensely from the constant revenue stream.
I have lived here all of my life and it is beautiful. There is so much to do and achieve in this great city.
I love the food and family vibe. I do not like how busy Cooper Street is though. It feel like accidents are waiting to happen on that street. I like how many fun places like the AT&T stadium, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and Rangers Stadium are around us.
Interesting city. Its a wanna be Dallas or Fort Worth but it does keep the population entertained. If you enjoy sports then it is the place for you. We've got every kind of stadium imaginable
Arlington, TX is a town that always has something going on. There is an enormous amount of things to do in town. And if you can't find it here, it is a very short drive to it.
Growing up in Arlington was great show me how to love and protect people. Show me growth in the town and in people.
Love Arlington! So many things to do: Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Texas Rangers Stadium, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Music and Local Theaters, Museums, Dyno Rock wall climbing, great restaurants and shopping, the list goes on! Nestled between Fort Worth and Dallas, the options are endless for entertainment!
Arlington is a really quiet city with 300,000 population. although it's not that big of a city but still has everything you and your family might need ( UTA, TCC, Parks mall, Highlands, ATT stadium, Rangers stadium, plenty of shops and restaurants). Traffic is not something to worry about except for the time between 5-6:30 on the highways surrounding the city. it's a small city with 4 major highways around it from all 4 sides which makes it really easy and fast to get anywhere, also the perfect location (20 minutes from Dallas and 15 minutes from Fort Worth.
Arlington is up and coming. It is growing with lots of nice restaurants and shopping areas. The school district is great as well. Arlington is also a very central location with easy access to all major expressways and freeways.
I love that Arlington feels like a suburb but still has a lot of things to offer. Being the center of National College and Professional Football games, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, a growing University, feels like Arlington has it all without having to travel more than 10 mins any way you travel.
Arlington Texas is a great city to live in. There is plenty of entertainment, schools, restaurants, and parks. Their local law enforcement and government entities are plentiful as well.
Arlington is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. We have many entertainment places located here in Arlington - Six Flags over Texas, The Ranger's stadium, Cowboy's stadium and other.
Once was a small town which grew to running out of spaces. Would like to see a more of public transportation and bicycling routes. To have less road constructions would be definitely be nice.
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Arlington has alot to do! From the Cowboys Stadium, Rangers Stadium, Six Flags, and the list goes on and on. The schools are great and I have enjoyed living here.
well, here in Arlington I attend Arlington Baptist Universe. the college and Universe are good to access and close together. the thing to do are cowboy stadium, the range ballpark.
I was skeptical about Arlington but after living here for 2years, I enjoyed it. It's between ft.worth and Dallas which is a plus because nothing is too far. The cowboys stadium is beautiful, sixflags is down the street. Very family oriented community.
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