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39 reviews
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A great little country town, one of the last left within relatively close distance to Seattle. Lots of farms, parks, riverfront, and hiking activities. There's berry picking, parades, great little restaurants and shops.
It's a great little town with small businesses that are quaint and (mostly) family friendly. (Avoid the saloon.) But we also have big businesses that keep you stocked with dining opportunities, groceries, and more.
Arlington has a great small town feel, that's not too far from the big cities. There's something for everyone and you don't have to go far to find what you're looking for.
Arlington is a very small tight knit community that works together to keep local business and people strong. When faced with disaster, our community banded together to help our neighbors not only survive but rebuild.
Arlington WA is a great to raise a family or to spend your retirement years. Located just fifteen minutes north of Everett and forty-five minutes south of the Canadian border, Arlington is perfectly situated to take advantage of living in the northern Puget Sound area. Located just five minutes east of I-5 between exit 206 and 208 Arlington has many active farms and small dairies giving it a definite country charm, yet is close to shopping and restaurants. The downtown area encompasses about one square mile and has small town feel with plenty of modern updates and has more than twelve churches of various denominations. There two elementary, and one junior high and one high school to meet the educational needs of growing families with plenty of open spaces and parks for families to enjoy. Outdoor life is active with numerous trails trails to hike and places to fish and camp. It's a great to spend a while, or a lifetime.
there is barely any crime where I live but other place I do not know. the neighborhood seem safe and the police is not that far from us. Maybe a 10 minutes distance from us.
this area is quiet and we have fresh air because of the trees. you have squirrels running around and other animals which is fun to watch. I would choose to live here again if I could do it over again because I have not found any place like this one.
It fine as long as your not in Smokey Point.
It is a great place to have your family at.
there is a dealing house right around the corner which results to alto of traffic in this neighborhood.
Its close to Smokey Point so the drug paraphernalia is getting worse over time.
As the city I live in continues to expand with the growth of new businesses and more housing complexes, the amount of crime rates have greatly increased. Unfortunately, my neighborhood which was once a very safe and quiet place, has fallen victim to high incidents of theft and trespassing.
I love the friendliness of the people. If I could live here again I would. Arlington is growing like crazy, new houses and shops are being built.
There is a nearby workout facility where a lot of people go. There are some people who exercise on their own but most of the time people work out in PE at school.
We have beautiful trees and mountains all around. There are plenty of clean parks.
Most of the houses were built fairly recently and are well maintained. The prices of houses are a little pricey.
There is a little bit of theft but plenty of police to keep them in line.
Most people have rain jackets, umbrellas and boots because it rains for 8 months out of the year. Most people have seasonal depression.
The best restaurants are downtown that include Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
The fourth of July parade is the best event.
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