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Arlington is a great place to live, since its in the suburbs of Memphis. We have just enough local restaurants to visit from Chinese to American. We have a great historic downtown that's great for walking, shopping and much more. Our schools are top of the class with lots of after school programs the kids can participate in. We also have a variety of medical offices to accommodate your needs.
The thing I like about Arlington is that is a small closely knit town. The people are friendly and it is peaceful and safe. Neighborhoods are clean and Arlington has some of the best daycare, elementary, middle, and high schools in its district.
The city and its schools are safe. As a product of graduating its schooling system, I may confirm that there is literally no tolerance for the compromise of personal along with others' safety and well being. One word to describe my experience: community. If you have even a seed of constructive initiative, you will have no problem acclimating and others will return the favour. When I muse about Tennesseeans being volunteers, Arlington has more than converted me. At this time it is still developing, but at its current trajectory, there are no doubts in my heart of its fruitfulness. Are you a Tennesseean?
I have grown up here and it is a wonderful place to live. I went to high school here and loved the small town feel. I recently moved back after college and still love connecting to the friends and family I have known for years. There's a cute little downtown area with a depot square, an old fashioned hardware and general store, and many modern shops and boutiques. It's the perfect mix of historic and up to date.
I don't usually see police officers patrolling around.
It has a very comfortable atmosphere.
A safe place to live.
The location and the size of the city makes it one of the best places to live.
friendly safe neighborhood where my kid goes to school and church
Its a nice quiet town but doesn't have much to do for younger adults. Its a nice place to relax and retire to.
It is a good, small town far enough way from bartlett area to have some privacy away from the business. On the other hand it isn't too far away that you can't get somewhere within 15 minutes. The schools systems are learning to be on their own but handling the transition well. It is a safe area and there are no real concerns with crimes except on the occasionally egging/rolling situation.
I live in a typical, , mid-level suburban neighborhood. I am not a fan of suburbs, but some people might be.
I would rather eat locally because it is cheaper, quality of food is better, and the money stays local. The local choices are hot wing store, two Mexican places, a pizza place, BBQ place, and a country cooking place along with a bar and grill.
Industrial work, retail, and public safety are all jobs that can be found in Arlington.
Arlington has many things to offer with a small town feel. There are a handful of locally owned restaurants along with a couple chain places. Many churches and small locally owned stores along with Kroger's grocery store.It is only a fifteen minute drive to Memphis so you are away from the city but close.
For a rapidly growing community like my hometown of Arlington, our businesses and shops are wonderful. More and more businesses are coming to our town like Kroger, McDonald's, and Sonic. This shows the growth that is apparent in my community.
The police are seen driving around this neighbor all the time, a large number of them live in this area.they kinda hang out at the local businesses . The physical location of this neighbor has a whole lot to do with this low crime rate, and so does each person in the community
Most of the companies in this area deal with food & distribution including McDonalds, Kroger, Maines, & Wright Medical. Getting a job can be easy if one is experienced in whatever they are applying for. Most of the residents in the area work for these companies if they are not sheriffs.
it is Memphis, so you never know what you will get. Recently it has been 70 degrees in the middle of July.
jobs are sprouting with new businesses being built. Arlington isn't overly populated so it could be better
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