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What a wonderful place to live! The community is so interactive, I've rarely seen a police force my proactively community friendly and the town has lovely green space.
A nice community rights outside of Boston/Cambridge. Easy access to the city by public transportation. Great public school system. Safe. Great local businesses.
Arlington is a quaint town outside of Boston that has evolved gradually over a few decades as a diverse, community-oriented atmosphere. It houses a vast array of persons, ranging from young families to the elderly, cultures across the globe (reflected in authentic cuisine along its main roads), and backgrounds of all sorts. You will find hard-working citizens, many family-run businesses, delightful local art on public display, etc. Its proximity to the city of Boston, promotes the opportunity to experience a multifaceted lifestyle (numerous colleges, museums, libraries, concert halls/theatres, restaurants, quirky stores, free events, etc). The community is safe, where you will find parks everywhere you turn and people walking around, including four-legged friends! The school system is exceptional, although adheres to Common Core standards (although, options for privatized education is within reach).
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Arlington is a quiet suburb of Boston. It is a great place to raise a family although the cost of living is very high. Great Schools and nice for outdoor activities.
I have grown up in Arlington my entire life. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else because even though I didn't attend public school for very long, I am still apart of the town community. I play sports and represent my town, and my entire paternal side of my family lives in Arlington.
Arlington is perfect how it is. However I wish our streets in the neighborhoods are wider. It gets hard to constantly put my car into and out of the driveway when a snow plow truck passes by when I am shoveling the driveway.
Arlington is nice, I guess. There are a lot of people living here now, and the town isn't really equipped to deal with all of them. The public schools can't hold all the kids, so they're taking away the center for the arts to make another school for them. They also started a Mass Ave construction project that no one wanted and now are charging for all public parking to pay for it.
I love Arlington. I have lived here for my whole life, and I am extremely happy that I grew up here. It is the perfect distance from Cambridge, Somerville and Boston (average of 5-20 minutes). The schools are incredible and have prepared me for college. The center is a fun place to hang out! The only thing I would like to see changed is a little more Arlington pride. GO SPYPONDERS!
Crime and safety in this area is not a huge problem that needs to be dealt with constantly. Police are visible but not for bad reasons. Police monitor pedestrian safety constantly, always directing traffic when the roads are being constructed and are very friendly people.
Arlington is a very diverse town filled with some of the best schools, convenient public transportation, safe neighborhoods and great resources. The atmosphere is very secure and relaxed and I would love to live there again. I see a great future for Arlington as it is advancing with changing academic necessities and making the town a more clean environment a priority.
I think that crime is not a problem at all. Police are extremely visible and always on watch, so I feel that if I were ever in trouble they would be there for me in a moment's notice.
I really do love Arlington. I love the small town feel it has and how you can actually walk from one end to another. The atmosphere is always cheery and it makes me proud that I get to call this place my hometown.
Always there when you need them and also many are very friendly.
All our schools have great ratings for MCAS, plus. you get a great education.
Minimal amount to almost no crime.
The area is very well managed by the local government and there is a lot of push make the area, particularly the school systems and public amenities, even better.
Very safe neighborhood, low crime
Review Arlington
There is not a large amount of crime in this area. I grew up here and I consider it a safe town. We have good safety officials and there is not a lot of crime that takes place. I am very appreciative of that.
I like the area that I live in because I am closed to the city and closed to other beautiful places such as New Hampshire and Maine.
The community in this neighborhood is nice, but it is one of the few places in the town that you have to walk more than a few blocks to get to the busses that go into the city. Great for young parents and elderly people, not for childless young adults.
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