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Low crime rate,no alarming trends.
A very quiet area with few distractions.
The property taxes are ridiculous but otherwise the neighborhood isn't too terrible, there's enough space for everyone.
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There really isn't any sense of community outside those who attend church regularly and those that recognize each other at the local super market.
Crime is scattered but when it happens it's usually robberies.
In the early 2000s the area was relatively quiet, and most people moved here from the New York boroughs because the taxes were much lower, and with the economy stable everyone was happy. Then the economy crashed, the property and school taxes skyrocketed, and people are generally struggling to make ends meet which leads to crime and businesses closing.
My area is mainly populated with people that have moved from New York or New Jersey. The morals of my town have diminished and drugs and crime are a big part, whereas years ago, there was not many. It is a small town compared to others, but it is overpopulated due to the convenience of traveling to larger areas near by. I am positive other towns are better, but I have never got to experience life somewhere else, so this is my home. I hope the future for my town gets better. It is sad seeing homeless people on the street, abandoned buildings, and friends dying from drugs.
Eric Frein is an issue currently
Main Street has a lot of options
There are many chains but mostly small businesses
There are some big businesses but it's mostly small businesses or chains
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