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Safe community and very family oriented. The schools are great for children. This is also a very military friendly community.
It's a well rounded environment, a lot to do. The downtown area has bars and a small shopping area to explore.
I love how quiet the neighborhood and safe. I live down the street of down town Arlington Heights. It has good restaurants and good atmosphere.
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I like Arlington Heights because it is a clean, safe place to live and has a wonderful education system and downtown area.
Arlington Heights has been my home forever, and I truly do think it's one of the best towns to grow up in. The neighborhoods are friendly, the restaurants have good food, and the shops are cute. It has all of the basic recreations of any suburb, and I can't think of many complaints. The school districts are highly ranked and the community is overall very successful.
I've lived here over 26 years now, born and raised and I love the hometown feel. It's a diverse community with farmers markets on the summer weekends, parades, winter light shows and fireworks that folks all around come to see. A wonderful downtown area that has a growing nightlife and delicious offerings from an array of restaurants. Just a great place to visit and a perfect place to call home.
Probably the nicest town I've ever lived in, great downtown area and close to all the hottest spots!
Public Transportation is extremely lacking, with pedestrian security at a minimum. Make sure the area is good crime-wise before moving in because some apartment complexes are home to gangs. It's a large city, so this is a review of the northern area.
Great place to live in if you have a family and are not a college student. The neighborhood is rather safe but there's not much to do for a single 24 year old.
The library and facilities are amazing at Arlington Heights, however, there is little diversity and large economic gaps between neighborhoods.
It is an incredible place to live with children, especially older kids. Very good public schools and all kinds of activities for children are also available locally.
Feels extremely safe.
Great accessibility to all kinds of ethnic markets which is due to this neighborhood's diversity.
Though, to my taste, it is lacking restaurant variety, very limited options.
Arlington Heights is one of the best suburbs of Chicago. I have lived here for almost my entire life. Everyone is very friendly and inviting. It doesn't take long to realize how involved everyone is. In Arlington Heights, there is always something to do downtown. It is perfectly located in relation to downtown Chicago, O'Hare Airport, and other large suburbs of Chicago. I've never had a local commute over an hour.
A great place to grow up with great schools and tons of neighborhood pools. Can ride books to downtown to visit stores and restaurants. Schools are very involved with the community. Public pools are great places to spend the summers. Great jobs for teens. Lots of people who grew up in this town come back to raise their own families. Lots of school choices, like public or private. Good sports teams for kids. Lots of dance studios to choose from if you have daughters. Everyone takes pride in their homes and has nice lawns. Kids can ride their bikes in the streets.
Arlington Heights is a great place to grow up and live! It has lots of parks and pools although taxes are high and it's very very white and rich.
Arlington Heights Is a very warm and welcoming town with many unique attractions around every corner of the town and great events and opportunities around every corner. Arlington Heights also has a wide array of diversity in all areas and magnificent parks all over! Arlington Heights is also clean, calm, and safe!
Growing up as a teenager in Arlington Heights, I was very thankful for the public school system. The education system is among the best in the state and the country and academics is very important to me. I love how there are two metra stations that make it easy to take a train into the city. Overall, Arlington Heights is a great place to grow up and raise a family.
Arlington Heights is one of the best suburban towns to live in! It has the best chain restaurants available. There are great opportunities to meet new people here. The overall environment is perfect for family's due to the great public schools and park districts. There are so many activities to participate in.
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Growing up here was very nice because I were offered many good opportunities. The public schools were very good with great teachers and great classes that helped prepare for college and tests like the ACT that we need to take to get into to college. The property value was a little over priced but it was very safe place to grow up in. The downside of this was not really a good night life for children but most suburbs do not have good night lives when they are safe.
This neighborhood has exceeded my expectations. From being born and raised in an Indiana town, I moved to chicago. I had a great experience as a "city slicker" but knew my heart was set on the suburban life. My boyfriend and I moved out to Arlington Heights and I feel like I am back in that tight nit community again.
The area is very friendly. There are lots of shops, department stores, and fantastic restaurants in the area. It is conveniently close to the Woodfield mall and to Rosemont Center. Easy drive or train trip to downtown.
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