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Arlington Heights Is a very warm and welcoming town with many unique attractions around every corner of the town and great events and opportunities around every corner. Arlington Heights also has a wide array of diversity in all areas and magnificent parks all over! Arlington Heights is also clean, calm, and safe!
Growing up as a teenager in Arlington Heights, I was very thankful for the public school system. The education system is among the best in the state and the country and academics is very important to me. I love how there are two metra stations that make it easy to take a train into the city. Overall, Arlington Heights is a great place to grow up and raise a family.
Arlington Heights is one of the best suburban towns to live in! It has the best chain restaurants available. There are great opportunities to meet new people here. The overall environment is perfect for family's due to the great public schools and park districts. There are so many activities to participate in.
Growing up here was very nice because I were offered many good opportunities. The public schools were very good with great teachers and great classes that helped prepare for college and tests like the ACT that we need to take to get into to college. The property value was a little over priced but it was very safe place to grow up in. The downside of this was not really a good night life for children but most suburbs do not have good night lives when they are safe.
This neighborhood has exceeded my expectations. From being born and raised in an Indiana town, I moved to chicago. I had a great experience as a "city slicker" but knew my heart was set on the suburban life. My boyfriend and I moved out to Arlington Heights and I feel like I am back in that tight nit community again.
The area is very friendly. There are lots of shops, department stores, and fantastic restaurants in the area. It is conveniently close to the Woodfield mall and to Rosemont Center. Easy drive or train trip to downtown.
Arlington Heights is a safe neighborhood with friendly people, prime safety and great schools both private and public.
I've lived in Arlington Heights for over 5 years, it is a great suburb for families. The town of Arlington Heights has great public schools and job opportunities. For the most part, it is a very clean neighbourhood. Arlington Heights is only 35 minutes away from downtown Chicago.
Maintenance is hard because the landlord is often never there
It is extremely rare that there is a crime in this area. There are police typically patrolling the area, especially around the lake. There is plenty of lighting, even if you are walking alone at night. The few crimes that did occur were near the lake and they were at least a few years ago. Since then, police prevalence has increased, resulting in no crime since.
I love living here! Almost everyone who lives around the area is very friendly. I would stay here for the rest of my life if I could. The neighborhood is very safe, there is a beautiful lake to walk around, there is a club house with a fitness area, party room, indoor, and outdoor pool, and there are great school districts as well! I have lived here my whole life, and have appreciated this area even more as I have grown up.
The police in Arlington Hts. respond quickly to situations. Recently, our next door neighbor fell and we had to call 911. The first responders and police came immediately
This neighborhood is a safe and inviting area to live in. Downtown Arlington Hts. being revitalized with new businesses that brings growth to the community
Arlington Heights is one of the best suburbs to live in. The area is close to all kinds of attractions including Chicago and the school districts and education standards are on of the best in the state. I loved making this town my home and creating a life for myself here.
It is a safe area. Well maintained and police are responsive.
This is a great area to grow up and be in middle and high school. There are plenty of things to do, it is a stable and safe area.
Basically no crime at all.
I loved growing up here and felt safe here.
I believe I read once that where I live has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, which doesn't surprise me. I've never felt unsafe growing up and dealings with the police are always friendly.
It is a very safe and affluent are. It is an ideal place to raise a family because of the great school districts. Neighbors are always friendly. There are numerous opportunities for entertainment especially being a 50 minute train ride from downtown Chicago. Restaurants in the area are fantastic, and there is always some place new to find. The area is seriously top-notch, and I doubt there are many better places to live in the United States.
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