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Arlington is such a diverse area/community to live in. Depending on certain parts and areas, it can be more so than other just like any demographic area. There are many resources for its residents. Job opportunities are rising due to the amount of construction happening within the county. Many new homes being built as well as schools. The school system is quite impressive too as a district with accredited schools.
Living here is quite peaceful. I have every indulgence at my fingertips. I am fortunate to live near the Pentagon City Mall, WholeFoods, Harris Teeter, and more. I am a big runner and am impressed by the many trails lurking within the streets. I know I won't live here forever because I am transitioning soon to Baltimore; but for the time being, I will continue to enjoy this lovely city.
Arlington is a small and personable region outside of Washington D.C. The wide streets and sidewalks allow for safe passage to various shopping markets and restaurant’s in the region. There is a lot of accessibility to meet the needs of all individuals in this livable community. The shops can get busy on the weekends, however the ample parking lot space is also a plus. Metro access for summer concerts, movies and yoga in the parks allows everyone to enjoy a break and come together. As such, whether walking, biking, or driving you can get access to a peaceful and opulent region.
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Great suburb of D.C. with excellent school system and community resources! Cost of housing and living is high, but again, the community is excellent.
I love the slow paced environment which has a significant contrast with the hectic nature of Washington DC. You definitely get your money's worth living in a City that's minutes away from DC but at a much lower cost.
Arlington is a wonderful opportunity brimming with job opportunities, young professionals, and resources. Without having a car, I have no problem getting around with a great public transportation system of buses and metro lines. As someone that works in healthcare, there are so many amazing hospital systems and Level 1 Trauma Centers within reach of Arlington (Arlington is commutable to Maryland, D.C., and Virginia).
Arlington is a beautiful city and real close to D.C., the only thing I cannot stand is all the traffic and it's constant.
I enjoyed the nightlife and professional atmosphere. It's minutes away from Washington D.C. and it's a short drive from the beautiful national park, Great Falls. Arlington is full of young professionals and there are always local events going on.
I've lived in arlington over 16 years and I'm definitely staying here so my daughter can get her education here as well.
Arlington, Virginia is a great place to live and work. Great schools, safe neighborhoods, low crime are all reasons to consider Arlington.
I moved to Arlington, VA in 2013 and it was here where I received the great opportunity to finish my school and achieve my valuable diploma. I lived in this marvelous place for 4 years and so far I haven't found another place as Arlington. Its great cultural diversity made me felt at home all the time. In Addition, its public schools have been rated within the best along the country.
Arlington is a great area to live in for several reasons. As a young professional working in downtown D.C., Arlington offers great access to the city as well as a safe, comfortable, and fun living environment. There are a lot of shops and restaurants in Clarendon, Shirlington, and other nearby areas, and it's exciting to be surrounded by so many urban villages. The parks, community gardens, and green spaces are nice for enjoying the outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of Washington.
I like that Arlington is close to Washington,D.C., which has all the monuments and museums. Traffic in Arlington is not as bad as in DC and it is a cheaper to live here too.
Arlington is nice and fun, it has a lot that it brings to the community. Thus, it has an interesting life around it.
Arlington va is a wonderful county very peaceful and active with parka and trails. There's great history in parts of the county that shows it's landmarks.
I really like Arlington, Virginia. It's a delightful county. Very calm and family friendly. Definitely recommend to anyone.
I used to live in Arlington and I liked the city scene. My favorite place to visit was the salsa room. This is a night club on columbia Pike that I visited very often. The cost to get into the club is about five to ten dollars, depending on the night.
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Nice community, outdoor gyms, lots of running trails. Very dog friendly places and there are a lot of places to eat. Many of the apartments are more affordable than in Dc and living on the border of DC makes for an easy commute.
Arlington is a convenient location to DC and other NoVa suburbs. A lot of neighborhoods are metro accessible. There are nice restaurants and bars throughout Arlington, as well as good community events like farmer's markets and summer events.
Amazing neighborhood to live in. Bike path and park are clean. High school got rebuilt. Great houses
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