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I love Arlington, VA because of the great community, education systems, and location. Arlington is one of the most friendly, safe, and positive environments where someone can live. There are plenty of things to do with your peers given that you are in close proximity with Clarendon, Ballston mall, Tyson's Corner, and Washington DC. The education system is also superb. Having 3 of the top highschools in the country (Thomas Jefferson Highschool, Washington Lee Highschool, Yorktown Highschool), and having the top community college (Northern Virginia Community college) in close reach, the educational opportunities are endless. I would highly recommend living here.
There is always something to do in Arlington. While being in the suburbs is quiet and calm, one can always travel into Clarendon or D.C. to liven things up. There are many great attractions around the town so a quick visit is always worth the trip. There are also so many parks and trails that staying healthy is easy. Traffic isn't too bad while staying in Arlington, but venturing into the city will lead to congestion. The one downside is that pretty much everything is expensive.
I have loved all of the communities that I have lived in because of how nice everyone is and the amount of kids in each neighborhood that my family has gotten to socialize with. It is a very tight-knit community and people try their best to make it an accepting and welcoming place.
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I have greatly enjoyed my time in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington is quieter than Washington D.C., yet provides ample nightlife, food and recreational options.
The relentless McMansion building enabled by weak building code and zoning ordinances combined with ever increasing taxes, a deteriorating infrastructure and many pet projects undermine Arlington's livability and quality.
Arlington is small but lively place. Being that it is one of the richest counties in the country, there is a lot to see in term of tourist attractions and also night life. It is place that is generally free of major crimes and homicides and is also tremendously diverse. I could not think of a more suburban and homely place to live.
Arlington is the perfect place to live if you work in the pentagon/crystal city/dc area. Its beautiful, clean, and convenient.
It is a very family friendly and clean city. There are many amenities available for families to go out and enjoy. Arlington has some of the best schools in the country to offer. Arlington also has one of the lowest crime in the country. Almost all of the resident in this community are professionals. Most of the people living in Arlington work at the department of defense in some capacity.
Close to everything in the D.C. and a safe place to live. Excellent school systems but the cost of living is fairly high.
Arlington is a great neighborhood. Arlington is safe and very family friendly. Arlington has 8 parks and many different resturants and shops that are in walking distance to mot of the residental areas.
I love Arlington as a community and everything!!! I am living in Arlington for 10 years now and I don't want to move to no where!! I love schools, park, and the most like part is the helps!! Arlington have a lot of helps for our community!!
Arlington is a safe and great location in Virginia. It is a very family friendly environment. There are lots of nightlife opportunities for young people. The majority of the people are very active. The one can found a variety of sport activities in the area, such as yoga, pilates, kayaking and many more. The cost of living is a bit high, because Arlington is fairly close to the Washington, DC.
Arlington is a nice area to raise your family. It is pricey though. It is a community of people who are active, always outside and excercising.
Just moved here less than a month ago and have had a great experience overall. People are friendly and amiable, transportation is convenient and easy to get around, restaurants and shopping offer a variety of options.
Arlington is a vibrant community adjacent to our nation's capitol. A diverse community with great resources including parks, recreation, and jobs ranging from non-profits, technology start ups, and much more. If you like cycling, Arlington has plenty of bike trails to get you to work or just for a leisurely ride along the Potomac. Great place to work, eat, and take in culture.
There is always something to do in Arlington, VA. It is also a safe place where there are plenty of trails, parks, ponds, and rivers to enjoy the outdoors. There are lots of great food options and the school system is superb. The cost of living is high, but worth it!
Arlington offers great opportunities for all ages specially recent graduates. New construction of both residential and commercial has helped grow financially. People are more into fitness and wellness. During summer and spring you can see people jogging or walking.
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Arlington County is a great diverse city. Home to many historic landmarks, a great location and also apart of a wonderful thriving city. The motivation to learn, new innovations and small private businesses created quite often. This city made me who I am today with all of the wonderful people and support.
I recently moved to Arlington. It's a great small city outside of Washington, D.C. I've enjoyed being able to have most amenities (bars, grocery stores, restaurants) in walking distance.
The schools are amazing, you literally can't go wrong with any of the public schools in Arlington. The teachers are dedicated and passionate about education.
There is a tremendous amount of diversity in Arlington which lends to a unique melting pot experience where differences are embraced.
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