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It's a great place to live. I've been living in Arlington about 5 years and it's always been great. Full of adventures. I would say the best city i have been in the United States.
I like a lot of thing about Arlington clean and beautiful city . And easy for transportation .Due to the geographical Arlington city is the headquarters for many national and international departments and agency
Arlington is a nice small city. It is easy to commute to places with public transportation like art bus, metro bus, and metro. There's a variety of races that live here and not much happens on the serious crime level.
Arlington is a very fun and safe environment. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the food is very diverse. Comparing North Arlington to South Arlington, North Arlington is more city like as appose to South Arlington is much more urban. Arlington's favorite mall, Ballston Common Mall, is going under construction as of today (February 15th), it used to be one of the best places for people to gather and socialize either after work or after school, but now that it is under construction we could expect to see a higher populace attending the mall once it is back and ready for use, with its new and eye-catching stores.
I absolutely love living in Arlington. I love the ability to walk nearly everywhere, and enjoy many things outdoors. There are always free events going on in my neighborhood and the amount of parks we have is astronomical. After graduation high school i moved from Arlington but have always aspired to come back to Arlington. And in April 2016 i was finally able to do that. I now not only live here, but work here as well.
Arlington is a very beautiful area! So many national monuments near by to visit and admire. Lots of trails for exercising and health food stores for people who love to live that healthy lifestyle. Only down side would be the traffic, but it's not anything someone can't handle.
Lifelong Arlingtonian here, glad I bought a house here 30 years ago! I call it the People's Republic of Arlington because it's become so liberal with strong socialist tendencies.
I can't wait to retire, sell the home, and move somewhere where the cost of living and the taxes are less.
Gave it 1 one star for diversity because there is almost no diversity of thought, about 76% voted for HRC.
Love living in Arlington! Great place to raise kids, very diverse, highly educated population, parks and bike trails are everywhere! Excellent public schools but overcrowded.
I've lived in Arlington my whole life, and I've yet to be disappointed with it. There are different neighborhoods that each have their own personalities and things to do. With a lot of options, Arlington is very good for anybody from families to retired couples. Though, the house prices do tend to lean towards the higher side.
Born and raised in Arlington. It is diverse, racist in many ways likely because it's transient and some may bring it with them. But it's beautiful and diverse with many people who aren't racist at all and you'll see lots of multi-ethnic relationships. It's a rich town.
I love this area. There are good schools and lots of nice parks and playgrounds. The nature centers and libraries are wonderful. I also love being able to walk most places, the small businesses and restaurants, and the bike paths that connect much of Arlington. We are also on the METRO system, so commuting to dc is easy and inexpensive. One complaint- there is some overcrowding in the schools
Arlington is a diverse city to live in. It is right next to Washington D.C. which is a huge landmark since the President lives there. It is a haven for people of different culture and especially a variety of restaurants from all around the world available to anyone 24/7. It comes close to New York City.
Arlington is a great city to live. It gives you quick access to the city and depending on your commute needs, minimum congestion. There are many different areas that are both family friends and others that are friendly to new graduates - some to both. I highly recommend living in Arlington particularly if you want a larger place or cannot afford to live in the city. The access to several major roadways and highways makes it convenient to get in and around the city.
Arlington has many characteristics one would look for in a great place to live. Unfortunately though it does have it's draw backs. Although it can be a bit cramped and busy Arlington does have great food, shopping, and public transportation making it ideal for young adults just starting their professional careers.
I have loved every minute of being in Arlington. I came from a small, southern town so I am not used to being walking distance from so many different opportunities. There are great people here, a lot of job opportunities, and an exciting night life. Definitely glad that I took a chance and moved to the area. One downfall is the price of living being extremely high, but that's to be expected in a city.
Arlington is a wonderful place to live. It is located only 5 miles from the DC line, but still, has plenty to do in itself. There are so many restaurants, shops, parks, and recreational facilities to occupy your time with. The community is exceptional, everyone is so friendly and kind in my neighborhood and I could not imagine living anywhere else.
A wonderful city close to Washington DC, rich with history, culture, and diversity. There is so much to do. You can walk, bike, run, or drive your way around. I completely recommend Arlington!
I have been living in Arlington for about a year now and I couldn't be happier. Everyone is very friendly and I have met a lot of wonderful people. One of my hobbies is bike riding and Arlington has a surplus of trails. If I could change one thing about Arlington I would recommend lowering the cost of living. Overall a great place to live!
Great area for young professionals, great walkability and tons of things to do! Cheesetique is a must visit dining option!
I like parks and playgrounds accessibility. The commute is good and is a safe place to live as a college student.
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