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Crimes in this area aren't significantly high, but when someone does commit a crime it is for weird and/or horrid things. The area is close to a lot of country and wooded areas and it seems more horrifying things happen there. The police here are decent, although they tend to be a little crooked and would let someone bribe them out of a ticket. I don't necessarily feel unsafe in this area unless you land yourself on the wrong side of town which can make someone a little uneasy.
This area is one of the cheapest areas to live in in America. With that being said there are also a numerous amount of drugs in the area, mostly methamphetamines. It has its good parts and bad parts, just like any other city or town does. it is home though. I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else. It has a beautiful landscape and history, with a neat story to tell. This area has largely increased in the last several years economically and with population.
There have been car break ins but we live by a big city.
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The general atmosphere is laid back. I would choose to live here again, the schools faculty is friendly and easy to deal with. I see this area growing in the near future.
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