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Not very much to do. I enjoy it being small, so not a lot of traffic or fuss. I find that it is hard to find a job as a college student, since it's a college town. Also, a plus for being such a small town is that everyone knows each other- which is cool.
The public school system is excellent they work well with students and families. It is very family friendly and there isn't much violence here. The cost of living here is excellent it is very cheap to live in Arkcity. However, since it is such a family friendly town there isn't much night life since it is mostly families living here. There is next to none traffic which makes it easy and fast getting to and from work. The community is not environmentally conscience but is currently taking steps in that direction. The town overall is an excellent place to live if you have a family, but not quite so if you are young and wanting to party and go to clubs.
There isn't much to do in town, but the people are friendly and the schools are decent. Real estate prices are very good in town as well, a very good place to buy your first home.
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Arkansas City is just an average town. Slowly over the past five years, it has begun expansion with the addition of new stores, restaurants, and local renovations. Unfortunately, there is a lack of activities for kids to do causing them to easily become mischievous and get into trouble. It would be a nice town for an older individual or couple looking for a quite place for retirement. The crime rate is extremely low, and everyone knows each other due to the fact it is such a small town that is very involved with their children's clubs and sports.
Although this city in number eight in the "Most Dangerous Cities in Kansas", it generally do not feel threatened while living here. According to the article, the chances of getting raped, attacked, or killed are "1 in 140" and are "getting much worse". However, aside from the Jodie Sanderholm case of 2007, I have heard of little to no cases being reported of rape or murder in my time of living here. In all honesty, the reported cases of rape will have a lot more to do with consensual sex under legal age, usually under the influence of alcohol, rather than the use of brute force.

I have no question in my mind when it come to the topic of assault. Being a small town, with not a whole lot of proper parental upbringing, the residents here simply do not understand how to control their temper, and this often leads to fights and even aggravated assault. However, through experience, if you keep your mind to your own business, there will be little to no problems with living here.
This city isn't great when it comes to home life and supporting yourself or a family. It's a blackhole of near poverty, repeating the same endless loop over and over again of thinking you're living well off, and then having the money sucked out of you. However, it's a safer place to live if you don't have a home, as everyone here is very close knit and fairly friendly, whereas larger cities tend to be dangerous for homeless people.
I love living in a small town where I know my neighbors. The best example I can think of is our oldest daughter when she was two years old her dad dosed off and she went out the front door looking for me. I had left for the grocery story and she thought she would just go after me. Our neighbor lady and our mail lady stopped her and notified the police who then notified us. They saved our daughter from being a lot of possible very dangerous outcomes. This kind of relationship and knowing the people we live around is great. If they did not know our family and did not this was out of character something horrible might have happened to her.
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