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It is a Small town full of very helpful people. The schools have small class numbers and you get full attention. It is a great place to live if you are looking for a quiet area.
I love living in Arkadelphia! It's a small town, so there isn't much to do but you have other nice cities not far away. You get the advantage of living in a safe community and expenses are not outrageous. It's a quiet place to live and the locals are nice.
Arkadelphia, Arkansas is a place like no other. It is a small town that hosts two D2 colleges. This town not only increases the businesses for locals, it also forma a community between the citizens. Arkadelphia is very small, and improvements I would like to see is an upgrade in the town, and the building of restaurants. This town does host not one, but two colleges; I would love for them to update the town in order to make the small town a little bigger.
Arkadelphia, AR, is a really small town without many attractions. The main businesses are the two universities, OBU and HSU. Overall a fairly nice but stagnating community.
Arkadelphia, Arkansas caters more towards the elderly people than the younger people. There is not much to do, but it is a quiet and relaxing town. There are two colleges here, which can get rowdy if you live nearby, otherwise they aren't bothersome. Arkadelphia has one of the best sheriff's in the state, so crime is kept to a minimum. Besides the fact that there is nothing to do, it's an amazing place to call home.
Arkedelphia is nearby my residence in Amity, Arkansas. I travel to Arkedelphia about 3-4 times a week for various reasons. There is major diversity in the area and plenty job opportunities. Henderson State University is where I would like to attend college in the fall of 2017, which is located in Arkedelphia. The area is relatively small and commuted. There is also an Interstate, I-30, which goes through Arkedelphia, which helps for traveling and getting to places faster.
I love Arkadelphia. It's small town USA meets large campus living. There could be a few more things to do after lights out such as movies, bowling, mini golf maybe...
I love Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I would love to see some new restaurants movie theatre and a place where all kids can go and hang out.
Overall a decent town, friendly people, nice scenery, that kind of stuff. It's quite a safe town, very little crime, and what there is is mostly non-violent. The town has no nightlife to speak of, however, and is rather boring for a college town, but this is Arkansas, after all. It's not exactly the MOST diverse town in the world, but does pretty well for the location. The town is rather small, which means that everyone knows everyone else, which can be irritating, but also means that it only takes a few minutes at most to get anywhere in the town. Again, overall a good town, with just a few small problems.
Our crime rate in virtually zero.
I love Arkadelphia and the people that live here. They are very welcoming to outsiders and the churches are in abundance.
The cops are there when you need them
I love this town, it has a small town vibe.
I am living here because I am attending college in this city, not because of choice
the area is really natural, there are not many things to do here.
Very hick here in a small town with not much to do
its a nice small town with the only big thing we have is a wall mart but that is what makes it great because its close to the city that has a mall and movies so you dont get too bored and the school is great the teachers are wonderful and there are nice homes that are away from a buzy street so you dont have to worry about playing outside to much.
Its a small town and so there and not too many people or things to do, but there is a great community feel and people do look out for each other. it's the type of place where you feel like you belong.
I really enjoyed living in Arkadelphia. On the water tower it states "Arkadelphia A Great Place to Call Home and I agree with that statement. The school system is awesome and the people are really nice and outgoing. It is a small town so everyone knows everyone and there is hardly any violence. In the future I see Arkadelphia growing because there are two booming colleges located there that are growing every year.
There is nothing to do as a college student
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