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Ardsley NY is a beautiful quiet place!!! Wish it was more diverse. Awesome schools and beautiful homes. It's a nice place to raise a family.
Friendly people! Convenient to train stations. Downtown has DeCicco’s , Starbucks, CVS, bagels, a great nail salon, great restaurants and a cool train shop.
The best town in Westchester in terms of schools, people, and location. For all of those things, you're getting the best home value of any town.
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Ardsley is a great community of people that constantly come together to better each other. There are a lot of opportunities for jobs, education, and more. There also is a lot of dining experiences, events, etc. for the families to constantly be enjoying. However, I feel that our town is a bit run down and the local administration does not try and update or change anything for the better of the town. It seems as if they do not really listen to the residents or care what type of businesses come into the town.
The town and its people are caring and helpful. We all try and practice the "Good Neighbor" policy. But like everywhere, you have a few that believe that the world revolves around them. Overall a great place to raise a family.
I have been living here for 6 years now and have nothing but good things to say. People here are very nice and town services are second to none and town is continually looking to improve. No arrogance here just nice families and a warm friendly environment. Puts “neighbor” on neighborhood. Thanks Ardsley!
A wonderful place to raise a family. Good people, great schools, great location, easy to get to highways, trains, and commercial areas.
Ardsley is probably the best schools, best location, and best town you can get for your money in Westchester. Want to live closer to a train or a bigger town? You're going to pay an unreasonable amount. This is the best bang for your buck in the county.
The best thing about Ardsley is that it's not a snooty town. That means it is welcoming to people of varied backgrounds and very inclusive.
Ardsley is a small town, but a wonderful town to raise children. It is safe, it has many mom & pop stores to shop in, and it is close to the train (only 25 minutes to NYC). Arsdley is very pretty in the summer time and even in the winter time. The schools are excellent.
Schools are eh. Has too many pizza and chinese places. Has a Starbucks and a dunkin donuts. Has a new diner which has really good food
I have been living here for 19 years bringing up 2 children. It's a great community to live for families. It is small and quaint with one elementary school, one Middle School and one High School. Every one looks out for each other. In 5th grade the middle school kids walk to town and we as parents do not worry.
Due to continuing construction in/near the Saw Mill River Parkway, traffic and local roads can be tough going.
Ardsley is a great place to raise a family. Schools are good and getting better.

As kids get older, they can easily walk to school and sporting events.
There may be a house break in over the years but that is it.
The great part is that it is small and many people know each other and look out for each other. The bad is that it is small and the kids cannot reinvent themselves. Only 1 elementary, 1 middle and 1 high school. Tough for the kids that do not do the typical activities.
We are located between three major highways, 35 minutes north of Manhattan so getting into the city is very easy. Our community is extremely supportive of the schools and we value education. There are plenty of sporting activities for children to participate in. Our community is a caring one, if you need help, there will always be community members who are ready to step up and pitch in. Our downtown is lacking, but its improving as new business are being attracted to the area. We have plenty of delicious restaurants in our community that have made it into the New York Times as being a featured place to eat.
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Great public schools. Lots of families. Great place to grow up in.
The weather in the area sucks real bad and i hate ot.
Just a few bars and stuff. not too much in the town.
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