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The first city in the world lit by atomic power, this small town is near a nuclear facility. While the city is run down there are many outdoor opportunities to be found.
Here in Arco its very small and quiet city. It kind of has a peaceful vibe to it. The city is great and has very friendly people all around who will always help you. I think the main problem is that many of the roads have potholes which can be bad for car tires, riding bikes and just walking across the streets because they can cause really bad damage. I think if those were to be fixed Arco wouldn't be too bad.
There are beautiful homes with great views, but the are also a lot of run down homes that are not taken care of.
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The community is great and loving. There is so much support and generosity from the community.
There is little crime around here but the crime that does happen is swept under the rug. I feel safe and trust in those around me.
It is a small town with not a lot of growth but many other things make up for that loss. The community members are close knit and will help each other out whenever needed. It is like a big family.
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