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Archdale is a town in the middle of lots of other towns. You can drive two minutes and your already in Highpoint. Archdale is a great place to settle down with a family, very country like. Very nice place for older people.
It's small and quiet, but close to conveniently located to shopping, hospital, attractions, a variety of Doctor offices and restaurants .
The park is a great place for kids and has a lot to offer. Family movie in the park, several classes for all ages, as well as sports for children.
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Archdale have great schools and small town atmosphere , great community to raised in. Close to the beach, mountains and larger cities like Washington DC.
Close to major Colleges and Universities.
Archdale is a great family neighborhood. I have grown up here and lived here my whole life, and I've lived around the same people. The neighbors are very kind and we interact well with each other.
Archdale is my home town we are a family. we have a great community , we uphold many different events during the years and i am glad that I can be a part of my community with open arms.
This tiny town is growing into a charming little city. It has locally owned businesses, such as, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, car lots etc. This town has been my home since early 1997. It has grown up quite a bit. However; it still has that tiny hometown feel. Everyone knows everyone and it is a great place to raise a family.
I honestly see individuals doing their own small businesses just to make it in this world financially.
This is one of the best areas to live because it has the small town feeling, but it is close to a big town. It is very safe and there are many good public schools around as well as good private schools if that is what you are interested in. The housing is perfect for families because they are close enough to other houses to feel safe, but at the same time there is plenty of open areas for children to play. The city is close enough to where it is a five minute drive to grocery stores and pharmacys. In addition, there are many good hospitals around so that if there is an emergency there is a lot of help anywhere that you turn.
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