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I love Archbald because of the school district. Archbald is one of many communities that make up what we call Valley View. The spirit of our community is high and many who live here never leave.
My children love the school and only thing I would like to see change is the pool at the high school. It is currently not being used due to damage and low budget. Hopefully, one day this will change.
Archbald is a very quiet town where the people are nice and will acknowledge you whenever they see you. Love everything about it.
I've lived in Archbald since i was in first grade. I love the area and i love finding a trail in the woods to explore!
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super tight knit community. hard to make friends if you arent from here though. theres not much to do but the local food is great and valley view is a wonderful school district.
There is very little to no crime that goes on. If so, it is a minor act of violence such as someone stealing a sign out of a yard. The police are always around and are very responsive.
The environment and area is one that many people would enjoy to raise their kids in. The educational system is one of the best in the area. The crime rate is very low and there are plenty of activities such as parks, fishing, and recreational buildings. Businesses are gradually growing and new developments are being built.
Theres not as much danger here as most places so I guess it's not all that bad.
The scranton area is made up mostly of drunks and drug addicts
I love the homes in this area. Plenty of space, but close enough for good relationships with neighbors.
The food industry is about average here. Although I do enjoy local, family owned, restaurants.
I love this area because there are many businesses around my house that are in a reasonable distance.
There are more things to do during the warmer months than the winter months.
I live in an area that offers different types of transportation, but it could improve.
I love the people in my neighborhood. I would like to have a more diverse population, but I am proud of where I come from.
The safety is great, I regularly see cops patrolling which makes me feel more comfortable. There is not much crime in this area.
There are people of all ages and many pets, especially dogs. I love seeing all generations in one area that get along so well.
There are many state parks that keep the community active.
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