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What I like: I appreciate that you can literally walk or bike almost anywhere in town. Arcata has a great farmers market that runs for most of the year. There are always fun things going on.

What I don't like: Housing and parking can be a problem - especially around the university. There is a terrible shortage of housing here and prices are also somewhat inflated. The price of food at local supermarkets is horribly inflated (which is typical for the coast).
I love Arcata, a beautiful little town tucked away in the Redwood Forest. The people are so welcoming and inviting. It is the perfect place to raise a family, or to vacation to for a weekend getaway. Great food and local souvenirs, lots of hikes and outdoors activities.
Arcata is great overall small town. It has many local vendors and small businesses, and has a farmer's market that comes every week. Really close to the beach if you want to hang out with some friends, and tons of fantastic views.
Arcata has a small town feel, friendly people, great opportunities for outdoor activities. There is always something going on here, whether it be a festival, protest, cleanup, concert, or something else.
People here are very friendly. The university is very nice and the students are very diverse. It does rain here a lot more than other parts of California.
Arcata has beautiful scenery! The nature is breath taking. There is plenty of hiking, rivers, and beaches to be enjoyed. The people are very friendly and welcoming. It is an inexpensive area to live in with great schools all around. The only downfall is that this area is mostly Caucasian with not much diversity.
The people overall are very friendly. I would enjoy shops and cafes being open later but altogether there's a nice quiet small town feeling.
I absolutely fell in love with Arcata when I decided to attend Humboldt State University. It is a very unique and small town surrounded by redwoods and the Pacific Ocean. The locals are very warm welcoming and there is so many activities to be a part of. For example, the Arcata Square provides multiple activities throughout the week like a Farmer's Market every Saturday and events for every holiday. There are no "big brand" stores or restaurants in Arcata, therefore, there are more "mom and pop" businesses that are very unique. The overall setting is fun and welcoming.
ose knit community. Mix of older generations with young college students. Night travel is risky due to lots of people on weed. Large homeless population.
Arcata is wonderful area with wonderful locals. Everyone is happy an friendly and very supportive of the local culture and business.
As a college student, I chose this small town because of it's friendly nature and the sense of community. However, the surrounding environment is what really lured me to attending HSU, with the gorgeous view of the redwood forest and the ocean within reach.
Diversity of white people of many faiths and creeds in the town; I would like to see more love for people of color and respect for woman in the nighttime. Community, are providing to people who are hungry; need compassion for the homeless. Need young adults interested in municipal government; there are civic groups and volunteering in earth care and people care. The best farmer’s markets and Co-Op; healthy locally sourced. There is a food pantry on campus. Students need nice housing; campus housing and classrooms are over booked. The teachers deserve to be paid more and honored. There is beauty in nature all around. This place ought to stay sustainable and not grow. Prohibit corporate chains unless they are a family business; there is still quality and character. Children grow up smart and beautiful here.
My wife is a travel physical therapist, so we moved to Arcata. One thing that is hard to adjust to is the drug issues. As someone who embraces sobriety, it's difficult to see the way drugs can destroy lives.
The environmental is different, you are surrounded by many interesting things that will either make you enjoy your stay or not. The community is very friendly, the atmosphere is pretty amazing. It takes a while for someone to adapt to the place, but you will eventually figure out how life works in the town.
Don't hear much about crime and I do see police cars in town and patrolling. The streets at night remain very dark and can sometimes be scary
People are very friendly. Everything in town is close to eachother and I enjoy walking because everyone says hello. Big college town so there are always activities to do and overall a good experience and environment to be in.
When I first moved in I was afraid that I wasn't going to adapt to the area, but after the first semester, I fell in love. The people are nice, the location is beautiful, overall the atmosphere is lovely.
The only time I feel unsafe in this town is walking downtown by myself at night, which I just avoid doing.
Arcata and Humboldt area is a beautiful place to live and go to school. It offers lots of outdoor activities and opportunities to get involved with the community.
I'm not extremely familiar with crime and safety in the area. Police are reasonably visble as far as I can tell, but I don't know much about their response times, helpfulness, and so forth. Most of the crimes I hear about are not major ones.
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