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I am very new to the area but so far it has been great and everyone is super nice and polite. Although homeless is very high here it is quiet uncomfortable. The ice cream here is delicious. The town is small but super quaint and lovely. I love this area and I would love to explore more. I love being next to the ocean especially!
Arcata is a place of diverse Culture, friendly people, and beautiful country.
The one downside is the large homeless population.
Arcata is very friendly, has good places to eat, and has a lot going on for such a small community! You can expect to see the locals at Oyster Fests, Farmers Markets, or at one of the hundreds of beautiful nature spots!
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I have lived in Arcata for about three years now, and I truly do love it. It is hard being so far away from a big city because there's not much of a night life, but other than that there is a great community for families and college students. i highly recommend this area for growing families and prospective students all over California.
Cool little college town. Lots of cool shops and restaurants you won't find anywhere else. Fairly affordable to live in in comparison to the rest of the state. The farmers market is great. Nightlife is better when students are in town.
Arcata is a typical college town on the California Coast, with the University nestled against the surrounding ancient Redwood forests. The town is very eco-friendly, vegan/vegetarian friendly, and yes- mostly 215 friendly. It is usually busy during the school months and quiet in the summer. Some of the best things that make this town unique are the annual Oyster festival, the annual Kinetic Sculpture race, and the year-round wine tasting events.
I love Arcata, I have made great friends and have loved all the outdoor experiences I have had. The rain can get some people down, but I love it. It has made my experience in Arcata that much better.
The great thing about Arcata is that if you are health conscious, there is no shortage of organic, grass-fed, gluten-free, raw everything everywhere. In fact I miss these options when I go out of town. The air is clean thanks to all the trees and and the bay. Other than hiking there isn't a whole lot else happening up here unless you are in to growing things.
Arcata is up North and is the last city in California. My experience here hasn't been great, it's a small town, lacks diversity, and entertainment. Me being a student here at Humboldt State has confined me to being on campus. There are worse problems however, not acknowledged whatsoever but is evident that Humboldt County is heavily racist, and the other surrounding cities are even worst. I am a person of color and I find this very disheartening. Although, Arcata is amazing for being eco-friendly, and filled with beautiful nature, none of those qualities take away from the fact there is racial profiling, racial bias, and lack of diversity. This community could be amazing but it has to start with changing the way it thinks, and does things.
Transients galore and weed smoke is in the air... It rains a lot but the majority of people are pretty nice. Still need to be careful at night especially with all of the transients (especially on the plaza).
Very nice town to live in, but lots of problems with the drug culture. Schools are mostly good, underfunded (as usual). Housing has gone up recently...
Beautiful small town with scenery all around, but there are too many homeless people around that are starting to take over the town.
I feel safe walking around Arcata, most people are nice and say hello to each other. The great thing about Arcata is the cool little shops and every Saturday there is a farmers market. I like the farmers market because people will hang out on the grass, there is live music and food vendors.
Beautiful town filled with beautiful people! Surrounded by ocean and redwood forest, how could you go wrong! So many outdoor adventures to be had in Humboldt County. Friendly college town!
What I like: I appreciate that you can literally walk or bike almost anywhere in town. Arcata has a great farmers market that runs for most of the year. There are always fun things going on.

What I don't like: Housing and parking can be a problem - especially around the university. There is a terrible shortage of housing here and prices are also somewhat inflated. The price of food at local supermarkets is horribly inflated (which is typical for the coast).
I love Arcata, a beautiful little town tucked away in the Redwood Forest. The people are so welcoming and inviting. It is the perfect place to raise a family, or to vacation to for a weekend getaway. Great food and local souvenirs, lots of hikes and outdoors activities.
Arcata is great overall small town. It has many local vendors and small businesses, and has a farmer's market that comes every week. Really close to the beach if you want to hang out with some friends, and tons of fantastic views.
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Arcata has a small town feel, friendly people, great opportunities for outdoor activities. There is always something going on here, whether it be a festival, protest, cleanup, concert, or something else.
People here are very friendly. The university is very nice and the students are very diverse. It does rain here a lot more than other parts of California.
Arcata has beautiful scenery! The nature is breath taking. There is plenty of hiking, rivers, and beaches to be enjoyed. The people are very friendly and welcoming. It is an inexpensive area to live in with great schools all around. The only downfall is that this area is mostly Caucasian with not much diversity.
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