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Excellent suburban city with a great school system and restaurants. The neighbors here can either be rather closed off or extremely welcoming. I love the library and parks we have in this city. We have a great diverse community and the surrounding cities have good attractions that make Arcadia a very convenient place to live. The Westfield mall is also very popular and a nice addition to the city as well.
If you like Asian food and culture, you're in luck because Arcadia (often called "Arc-Asia") is a melting pot of Asian culture. Whether you're looking for delicious dim sum, tiger moms or just want to walk in the occasional restaurant or store barely anyone speaks English, Arcadia can provide many aspects of Asian culture at your feet.

Want a break? The Santa Monica and the beach, the clubs of LA and trendy neighborhoods such as Silverlake are just a drive away. Arcadia is truly a great place to have access to everything you could ask for... Just make sure you ask in Chinese.
Arcadia is a relatively safe residential community. It is also known for its strong school district.
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I lived in Arcadia and I am so great full. From where I live I have the mall a block away, I have school a mile away, and I also have major grocery stores less than 5 minutes away from me. Although the locations of stores and facilities is amazing there's just one problem : diversity. Arcadia is predominantly Asian. There is no diversity in the city of other races. There needs to me a change. Although people are moving in we still have a majority that is Asian but over my life time I got used to it especially because I was a minority's in Arcadia.
Family/children oriented
Strong school system
Effective cost of living

Decrease of safety over the years
Becoming very homogenous
I have been living in Arcadia for 16 years now, and it became my home when I immigrated to the United States at the age of six. It is a beautiful town located in the San Gabriel Valley and is home to the Santa Anita Racetrack and the Los Angeles County Arboretum. In Arcadia, which as a predominantly asian population, you will find authentic asian food, ranging from pho to ramen to dim sum. It has highly rated public schools and has little nightlife, so its tranquility is perfect for families.
There is plenty to do. The area is safe. And the schools are fantastic. However, the city is currently struggling with the recent "McMansion" craze.
It is a safe, friendly neighborhood. You do not have to travel far to purchase your groceries or day to day home goods. Everything is near by.
I have lived in Arcadia for most of my life, and everything about this city is delightful. The community is very welcoming, the school system is exceptional, and the overall environment is beautiful.
Was ranked the best place to live in America a few years a row several years back. Beautiful, complete with lots of wildlife like peacocks, bears, even foxes - all despite it being a suburban town outside LA. Pasadena's close by with the 210 freeway, and the new Metro Gold Line Station makes traveling to LA cheap (albeit time consuming). The race track, excellent schools, constantly vigilant and visible police force, and picturesque neighborhoods make Arcadia one of the best places in the San Gabriel Valley to live.
Arcadia is a safe, small community with three middle schools and just one high school. Most, if not all, of the schools are ranked very high in California, and are great. Since Arcadia is small, commute times are great, and students usually live within ten minutes of the high school.
BEAUTIFUL suburban neighborhood located in the foothills. Arcadia is very clean and a very tight community with many events to bring everyone together. Predominantly asian, there is no need to go to chinatown when you can live in it. Lots of culture and very friendly people. Homes range in prices and area. You can live close to the city with the Santa Anita mall being no more than a 10 minute drive or in the mountains where you can look out your window on a starry night you and be immersed in nature. Perfect for families with having an amazing school district and many activities for the kids. Loved living here all my life.
I love Arcadia's friendly and safe environment. The environment is usually clean overall, and it has amazing places for relaxing and leisure time. The Santa Anita Mall is located in Arcadia, and has recently been remodeled in various places of the mall, providing a more modern and congenial atmosphere.
Arcadia was nice but the stores are becoming weirder and there are less things to do now. Also the surrounding cities like Temple City aren't the nicest.
Asian culture is prevalent with exotic food choices. It is not very diverse, but there is plenty to do. It is not too big and not too small.
There's only one public high school here so it has a large population, but the education quality of the district is pretty good.
Arcadia is a great place to live. Hiking trail at the back of your house. Shopping mall, great variety of restaurants, high schools/ adult schools and parks are very close by.
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I enjoy living in Arcadia. It is a well maintained city and in a great location to enjoy all of Los Angeles County.
I love Arcadia, it's family friendly and safe. it's in the heart of Los Angeles, 25 minutes to downtown LA.
It is a great town to live in. My son goes to one of the best high schools in the state, and it is a very safe area.
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