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I love Arcadia's friendly and safe environment. The environment is usually clean overall, and it has amazing places for relaxing and leisure time. The Santa Anita Mall is located in Arcadia, and has recently been remodeled in various places of the mall, providing a more modern and congenial atmosphere.
Arcadia was nice but the stores are becoming weirder and there are less things to do now. Also the surrounding cities like Temple City aren't the nicest.
Asian culture is prevalent with exotic food choices. It is not very diverse, but there is plenty to do. It is not too big and not too small.
There's only one public high school here so it has a large population, but the education quality of the district is pretty good.
Arcadia is a great place to live. Hiking trail at the back of your house. Shopping mall, great variety of restaurants, high schools/ adult schools and parks are very close by.
I enjoy living in Arcadia. It is a well maintained city and in a great location to enjoy all of Los Angeles County.
I love Arcadia, it's family friendly and safe. it's in the heart of Los Angeles, 25 minutes to downtown LA.
It is a great town to live in. My son goes to one of the best high schools in the state, and it is a very safe area.
Arcadia is a beautiful city. There are a lot of nice homes. I once ran into a gang member near my house but nothing happened. There are certain areas that are over-the-top nice, and then there are areas that are not. Usually the farther North, the nicer the area. There are a lot of good places to eat. A lot of good Pho places. Some bars scattered around but not a lot to do at night on the weekend. At least I haven't heard of anything.
I have been a resident of Arcadia since 2009. I attended Dana Middle School and then went on to Arcadia High School where I believe I received the best public education in the area. Arcadia High thoroughly prepared me for college where I am having little difficulty with my classes. Additionally, I have always felt safe in this city, day or night. Previous to moving here, I lived in a more "rough" neighborhood and found it surprising how at ease I felt walking around the city by myself. There has never been a time when I have felt threatened in Arcadia.
Very safe neighborhood. Not a lot of crime going on
Great area. It's quiet and quaint. The academics there however is extremely competitive.
There's not too many places to intertiwne and just sit down and meet new people
I live by two police stations, so I feel very safe and comfortable walking or driving at any time of the day.
I lived here all my life and it's a great place to grow up and you become close with everyone in the community.
Recently burglaries have been on the rise
It's pretty good however, sexual assault is rampant in the school where the high school is huge. It is amazing how the deans and school district will sweep things like drugs, sexual harassment, and crime. School is good but scandal is horrible therefore don't do anything.
I feel very safe here. The police are always patrolling on Huntington Drive.
As a single woman, I feel real safe in the part of town that I live in. It is also a clean and well kept area.

The school district is great here but that means that wealthy families are moving here. Now the rent rates are going higher.

It's just getting harder to find affordable housing.
There are so many police officers and firemen around in the city of Arcadia. It's nice to know that when you need them they will be there fast.
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