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I've been here for 4 years and the neighborhood is quiet, clean, many community events, a carnival every year with a parade down main street, a movie theatre.
nice and pretty small, not the classiest area but the people are generally very nice. crime is not extremely prevalent but just five minutes down the road crime rates spike up.
I have lived in Arbutus my entire life, so I really don't know about living anywhere else. When I was younger, I feel that the neighborhood was more connected and people actually knew each other. As the times changed, people don't socialize with each other anymore and they just continue with their lives. So, I do wish that we went back to being closer with our neighbors, but at the same time it is a different time. When talking about the location, I feel that it is a great place to live in that aspect, you aren't super far away from everything. I know it is very convenient if you worked in DC because there is a train station here, and there are also metro stops a few exits down on 695 if you didn't want to drive into the city. Also, there are plenty of surrounding towns that have just about everything, whether it be Catonsville, or Elkridge and most places are within 20 minutes away. I feel that Arbutus is a great place to live and people should really look more into it.
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Crime here barely ever happens, and when it does its very minuscule. Such as, a stolen bike or some kids being stupid.
My area of arbutus is a generally calm, and beautiful town. Nothing about it really needs to be changed because everyone seems to know each other around here and there's nothing better then a strong nit community. In the future i see more and more buildings to truly put our town on the map, and to help us become a little bit bigger.
Crime tend to only be in the form of vandalism and rare muggings. Streets are lit at night but cars do not follow traffic regulations
The area is along a two way road that has constant traffic around 7-9 in the morning and 5-8 in the evening. Noise level is manageable however EMS certainly drives by at least twice a day. People are friendly but generally tend to keep to themselves.
The people are very friendly and they care about everyone in the neighborhood.
When I was younger, I felt like I was closer with my neighbors and we had a better time. Now, I feel like no one is as close as they use to be because a lot of the neighbors i was close with, grew up and moved away. The general area around my neighborhood is good and not a bad area but the community feeling doesn't feel as good as it use to.
The neighborhood is fairly nice. The people around are generally kind, and the environment is good. There isn't a lot of litter, and there are parks and open areas everywhere. There's small businesses in town and it's a nice place to live.
Basically the only local businesses around here in close proximity to my house is the Ice Cream Cottage, a crab restaurant, a hookah bar, and regular bar, a driving school, and a hair salon. The rest of the area is filled with gas stations within blocks of one another, banks, 7-11's, Rite Aid's, and grocery stores.
I'm sure people can find jobs in this area. However, these jobs will be being a cashier at Rite Aid, Mars, or Giant. There are small business jobs that give opportunities for new employment, but it is nothing to make a career out of.
Due to the area, there are never huge natural disasters. At times, we will get large amounts of rain during a hurricane, but it is never too severe. The weather here is relatively mild. We follow the seasons, so it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
I feel like local representatives are fine and they are involved in the community. The police/fire station responds quickly to all calls.
There are more chain fast food places here than other types of food. Plenty of pizza, chinese, and sandwich shops.
This area is never usually highly congested. There are plenty of sidewalks for pedestrians and bicyclists.
People usually don't move out of this area. Most households have at least one pet.
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There are always people (of all ages) exercising in this area. They are usually jogging around the area since it is nice in the day time. All hospitals/doctor offices are easily accessible. In every area, there are obese people; but for the most part, everyone here is relatively healthy.
I feel very safe walking around here at night. The crime that occurs in this area usually comes from young teenagers. There are always police around.
Most people take care of their homes and they are usually well maintained. There aren't many abandoned/vacant properties. The best area to live is probably in the Wynnewood community.
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