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Very nice small town located in northern Wisconsin. Great for outdoor activities. It's a place to relax stress free.
The area does get hit highly with the different seasons and the community is always prepared to handle them in a timely manner.
This community is very concise about recycling, family's are very diverse and communicate with everyone. The community is very pet friendly and people tend to live for a very long time in this area.
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There is some diversity but not a lot. People are always very friendly and happy.
There are many fast food and local stores to work at as well as Walmart. There is also the hospital and clinic as well as other healthcare services one could work for. However, if one does not have a career in those areas, then this area may not be the place for you. There are also law offices. This community is for those who are retiring.
There are many upscale restaurants as well as fast food variety. There are also plenty of bars.
There are no buses or trains that are used for travel due to the fact that we are not a large city or anything. However, there are plenty of roads and proper direction to get in and out of town. Residents are very close to schools and as well as medical care and can easily walk/bike/drive a short amount of distance to reach these areas.
Of course, in this area, there is a Walmart Super center. We also have great arts and crafts stores, and there are some mom and pop shops left.
Though I completely disagree with the U.S President, it is a shame that my local area has to suffer. The taxes are too high and that is also due to the fact that I am in a tourist area. We do have community care but they are very restricted due to the U.S President and legislation which is driving some of our elderly to seek other methods of care and to worry about local taxes.
There is not a lot of crime in this area. There are the occasional speeding tickets.
There are plenty of exercise facilities as well as the bear skin trail that crosses lake Minocqua and stretches for miles. It is a great walking/biking trail and is a snowmobile trail in the winter.
Fishing, the lakes, snowmobiling, boating, shopping, the lumberjack show, etc.
There are a lot of thing's to do in town and plenty of scenic areas to enjoy. Fishing is a huge sport due to the fact that there are a lot of lakes.
There is nothing more gorgeous than looking up in the sky every night and seeing the stars. The woodlands are gorgeous and calming. There is hardly any pollution and plenty of outdoor activities to share with the family.
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