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Last summer, Donald Trump came to visit my hometown of Birch Run, Michigan for a political rally. Why? Because everyone here is stupid enough to support him. There are no significant opportunities found in other places in Michigan, like Ann Arbor or Midland, for a wonk. Awful place to live if you want to become an intellectual or get a good job.
There are no busses or taxis or trains here, everyone just drives. I guess I have seen a very limited number of people walk/ride their bikes, but almost everyone drives and there is plenty of parking.
I'm not really sure what to say, I haven't seen any evidence of crime except for speeding.
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The only things there are to worry about are the Blizzards, especially with the weather we've gotten the past two winters. Sometimes driving is really dangerous and it's better to stay home if you don't have a 4x4, but other than that, nothing else really happens weather wise. Always have a winter coat handy, even in May! you never know what Michigan will throw at you.
Birch Run has an Apple-bees, an Uno's, a Tony's, and a string of fast-food and other cheap-mid range sit down restaurants. Millington has a few really nice mom-and-pop restaurants, but basically you can get anything you're craving besides seafood within a 20 mile radius.
Since the Birch Run mall is so close, there are always places hiring. It is the largest outdoor shopping mall in America, and they rotate out employees fairly quickly, employing most of the highschools from around the area and college kids home from the summer. The businesses surrounding the mall do well because of all the traffic, and since people come from all around to visit it and Frankenmuth (also about a 15 minute drive from there) the hotels get a lot of business. Most people work in retail, food service, or on the surrounding farms in between popular towns.
We live right in between Millington and Birch Run in the middle of farm country. We have a mom and pop gas station/country store as our neighbor, and that is really convenient. We never really go into Millington (but it is mostly healthcare and mom-and-pop), but just a few minutes in the other direction you can get to the Birch Run shopping mall which has EVERYTHING name-brand and restaurants (mom and pop included).
We have very diverse weather. We experience all four seasons, but get very little extreme weather beyond the occasional tornado.
The Saginaw Bay is nearby and has opportunities to go to the beach, fish, and boat. There are also smaller lakes further inland. There are county and state parks nearby, and a lot of wooded private property.
Many of the tourists in the area come to go shopping in nearby Frankenmuth and Birch Run. However, nearly every town in the county has at least one festival during the summer.
Most of the people in the area are Caucasian. There are other races in the area, but the different races get along.
The houses in the area have decent sized lawns. Some are not very well- kept, and there are a few abandoned properties around, but it is fine otherwise.
I don't know of any widespread crime. Last fall, our house was broken into, but local law enforcement caught the guy within 24 hours.
Personally, I do not know anyone with disabilities, but i have seen local businesses with wheelchair ramps and things like that, so I'd say that access is decent.
Without a degree it, it a little difficult to find a career. There is a decent number of unskilled jobs in the summer, but you have to start applying early.
I love the area where I live. It's away from the city, you can go outside without fearing for your safety, and the people are good to live with.
The public services in the area are very good. Our roads are in good shape and the emergency services respond in a prompt manner.
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There are plenty of options for places to eat and drink nearby.
There are many places close by for little things you need, as well as big stores for grocery shopping.
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