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Arapahoe is a humble small town where every citizen is friendly and willing to help anyone in need. In Arapahoe there is no fear for anyones safety and the whole town is well connected and involved with one another. There are a lot of opportunities for families to find work and have chances for young children and students to make money if they so wish. Arapahoe's public school is highly regarded for producing great scholars and helping students reach their full potential.
There isn't a lot to do everyday. Small towns don't always have a lot of things to do, but we find things to do. We have card parties, bonfires and even go bowling. Where ever you go, you will be greeted by friendly faces and people will talk to you when you walk by. If you go to the store and are short a few dollars, someone will spare some change for you with no hesitation. If you're driving down the road and get a flat tire, someone will stop and help you fix it.
there are many entry level jobs. most people travel
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we have three restaurants. there's not much variety
businesses are scarce, but we're slowly getting more!
Houses in this area are small. Some are vacant
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