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Aransas Pass is the in between town before you can get to Port Aransas and Rockport. It has two bay areas that are good for fishing and boating, a local recreation center for families to swim at with two slides, a kitty pool that offers plenty of fun water play for kids and a big pool for everyone else. It has a park located next to the recreation center but other wise than that, nothing much. It has a Wal-mart, McDonalds, Popeyes, Church's chicken, a few asian and mexican restaurants, a few mom and pop shops, a couple of banks and elementary, middle and high school.
There really isn't much to do in Aranasas Pass so most people go to Port Aransas for the beach and for shopping and better dining choices, there's Corpus Christi.
Love the small town feel and hospitality. Shopping local can be rewarding the shops are small and quaint . The people are friendly and very helpful. Because it's small you may not find what you are looking for however, the store employees will help you locate and or order it for you.

I was at a local store and was having trouble finding a doll my niece requested for her birthday. She would of been heartbroken without this particular doll. I had a picture of it and showed it to the sales lady. She loved that I was determined to find this doll and in turn she was determined. It took a few hours of looking online and calling other merchants but she found the doll. I drove to pick it up and the day was saved.

Never exclude small town shopping you just might find some real gems there and meet some great friends along the way!
Violence is low, but there is an increasing drug problem.
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The area is good for an occasional vacation. I find the small population leaves much to be desired in education, employment, and business.
no available housing for low income
It just like any other city, you will always have your crime. But you cannot allow the bad to over weight the good.
It's a small community, peaceful and it's by the water.
Small Town, where everyone knows your name.
Its a very laid back community, where the fish bite everyday.
There really isn't much to do in the area. You have to travel to Corpus Christi to really see a nice side of town with many things to do.
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