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I like how they have a good variety of stores to shop at, close to home. Need more places like a movie theater and mall.
Crime is on the down low. I have not heard to much about any crime and what does go on the police responde quickly and effectively.
It is a quaint little town where disabilities like autism and down syndrome affected kids are welcomed and and made to feel normal. There are normal issues like bullies but they are few and far inbetween. The people take pride in their town and look for ways to improve.
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As far as I am aware, there is very little crime in the area.
The small town atmosphere is quaint and relaxing, but the secluded nature of the town itself closes off he residents from the rest of the outside world. Unfortunately, people seem ignorant of, or simply refuse to acknowledge, views that do not correspond exactly with their own. That said, this does not apply to everyone.
I would live not so close to people.
Crime is getting worse in the area due to drug addicts
It's a small town with great schools. Limited restaurants and shopping. No industry. No jobs
I have grown up in this town and I would recommend it to anyone. The crime rate is not too bad and it a very pleasant place to live. I can not imagine ever living anywhere else. There are not very many places in this country that feel safe and inviting. I love this town like it is and I want it to stay the same.
There are not many places to work that are hiring.
Most of the businesses are small but all very good.
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