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I feel very safe in this area, but there are a large number of people living in this area. Traffic is almost always a problem and gas prices are slightly higher than just a little further south.
I've not noticed any crime it's a very safe feeling atmosphere
Very nice neighborhood with lots of parks, dog park, pool, café, and nearby attractions
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While you can find cheap housing to expensive housing here, the housing market is really good. Most houses are expensive due to location to D.C. and I 95.
Crime is pretty low here. There is the occasional break in and murder, but it is a pretty safe place here most of the time.
Public Services in the area are pretty good. Police, Fire Department, and EMT response is excellent. They are in frequent use as Stafford is situated along I-95 and the opening of the new Hot Lanes has increased the amount of people exiting near Stafford.
Summer's here are hot as hell and humid, but that's really anywhere in Virginia. Fall is nice, generally warm until october when it starts to cool. Winter's are cold, but rarely below 0. Snow storms are frequent but usually happen post December. Count on at least one week off from school due to snow, but it is not uncommon to get more. Spring is cold until the beginning of May when it starts to warm up again.
So sh***y. We have two bars, Micks and Buffalo Wild Wings. Unless you want to get wasted at Applebee's this isn't the town for a nightlife.
Employment in the area is decent. Not many career jobs here but still a few. Stafford is mostly a commuter city. Most of the people living here work for the military or government. That means most people work in D.C. and surrounding areas, and Quantico. Part time work can easily be found here.
The area in and around Stafford is great. Although Stafford does not have a central downtown or location like Fredericksburg or D.C., most people would agree the central point of activity is Stafford Market Place and the shops along 610. Stafford Market Place has a Lowes, Target, Chipotle, Shoppers, Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings, Best Buy, Sprint Store, Moes, T J Max, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, and Armed Forces Career Center to name a few. Along 610 are plenty of stores and restaurants from Chick fil A to Sweet Frog. Safe to say there is a little bit of everything for people here. While the quality is not always great, you can get what you want for the most part.
In my neighborhood all the houses look different. But there are many neighborhoods in Stafford where everything looks the same.
The police are very active in Stafford county and as a teenager that kind of annoys me.
I'm not very political because I just turned 18 but I think there is definitely room for improvement in the community.
I like the weather here. We experience all four seasons so it's nice.
I wish there was more non-chains restaurants.
I don't really have a job right now so I'm not sure.
I like the Target we have but I wish we had more mom and pop restaurants and cafes.
Review Aquia Harbour
Mostly government jobs around this area. Commute is horrible and not worth the effort for some of the salaries. Teachers make very little in the county.
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