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It is a nice small town with beautiful beaches. The area is quite safe and the houses near the beaches are absolutely beautiful! You will see lots of people walking their dogs and they are often very friendly people.
Housing is very expensive throughout Santa Cruz, California especially, making increasingly difficult for families and middle- to lower-income people to live here. Many people commute from here to San Jose/Silicon Valley for work. Some public high school and elementary school teachers do this because of the higher salaries in those areas.
Aside from that, the schools are very decent and students will be successful if they are motivated to learn. The median age of Santa Cruzians and residents of Aptos is over 35, and the local university (UCSC) is in some ways very distinct from the city.
Aptos is small, coastal, and pretty. It is generally a good place for active people who like to have access to a healthy mix of natural environments (if you can afford to live here). Redwood forest and sandy beaches with well-known surf spots are right next to each other. Religiously and ethnically, Aptos is not too diverse; it is mostly white or Christian.
Aptos is a quiet area with great access to outdoor activities and wonderful views of the natural beauty surrounding the town. The people are kind and it is safe.
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Beautiful area to grow up in, the beaches, local vibe, and laid back life style. Great schools with dedicated professors who generally care about the wellbeing of the students. There is so much to do with in a 15 mile radius.
We dont have many crime incidents. No one gets stabbed or shot here,its pretty calm except for the usual high school hoodlums.
I love living here and it being so close to the beach and Santa cruz is a big plus.
This area is a beautiful location with great beaches, a great community college and a very open and accepting atmosphere. Mild winters and not to hot summers.
The best place to live in in the United States!! It's so amazingly beautiful, it's heaven.
Everyone comes here on vacations!
The weather is beautiful all the time! It stays around 60-70 degrees basically every day with a light breeze! However, we have a serious drought issue. The state of California is expected to only have a year of water left for plants and animals and humans. I have no idea what will happen once the reservoirs dry up.
The food here is so diverse and so incredible! A lot of the seafood and locally caught and fresh which is fantastic! However, most restaurants are pricey.
I think people in this area are generally happier than other areas of the country, I think a lot of people enjoy what they do. However, I do not think we get paid enough compared to the cost of living here. Minimum wage is the same here as it is in other states where the cost of living is cheaper.
They're are a lot of family owned businesses in this area which is really nice! I work at a family owned restaurant and I enjoy supporting other family owned restaurants and businesses.
A lot of small, local businesses which is nice. A pretty wide genre of stores, don't have to go far to find what whatever you're looking for.
Employment is okay, you can find a job if your proactive and have something at least slightly eye catching on your resume.
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