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The home owner's association leaves the neighborhood with a lot of space to do what they want with their homes. The neighborhood does not look tacky, yet isn't too uniform. It is unique.
Everyone is friendly. Friendly interactions take place around the neighborhood very frequently. Many people say hello to one another when out walking their dogs.
While the police here are very reliable, crime is still evident. Our home was robbed earlier this month along with another home nearby. My hope is that we have higher security in the future.
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This area is and will continue to be very family oriented. Families partake in many outdoor activities together and there is a positive atmosphere. Personally, I would not choose to live here again, only because I want to experience something new, but perhaps I would move back after living somewhere else for a few years.
I love colorado I think its the best place to live
We have it pretty good here but with development constantly increasing the little bits of nature we have left will surely be gone soon. The natural places which we do have access are somewhat overused and often abused during the summer months.
Despite living close to the highway I feel fairly safe in my neighborhood. Although I certainly don't mess around - keep an eye out always.
I feel as though our emergency response team in this area are pretty on point. They've got good tax funding.
Colorado will be snowing 6 inches one day and be 70 degrees out the next.
It's hard to say - I've heard people complain about the job market but I would say that if you are professional, hard-working, and relentless it is possible to make a good life for yourself here. Though with so many people looking to move to Denver, it's getting tougher.
Yak and Yeti serves the best Indian food that I have tried. Their Arvada location is a lovely victorian building with a buffet room, bar, & microbrewery serving Chai Stout.
There are a plethora of stores in this area - if you're looking to shop corporate. There are not many mom-and-pop shops still open but those that are have great businesses and extensive knowledge. There are a fair number of auto-shops which have been open for years. The people who work at such places are masters of the trade. The Ralston Cafe in Arvada is another business that has been around. This dinner is the best breakfast place around.
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