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One grocery store that is very overpriced. No place to buy clothes or shoes. We have a decent drug store and a good gas station. We are very limited in restaurant choices. We have one hardware store and one auto parts store.
This area is family friendly but we have a lot of the problems most rural areas do. Not enough money or people to support the community. A lot of people have many generations living here. The community is looking into opening up a dog park.
Lots of abandoned houses. A lot of people have been foreclosed on because the prison in town shut down and a lot of people lost jobs and moved away but couldn't sell their home.
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We have no public transportation. It's generally very safe for pedestrians but a lot of the sidewalks are in poor shape. We are 3 hours away from a major air port.
A lot of the towns population is older. Not much ethnic diversity. We do have many micronesians in the area.
It's a very rural area. We have tons of lakes, rivers and state parks within a 30 mile radius. Great hunting and fishing.
It's a small community, so people know each other. My family is born and raised here so everyone knows who I am. That's somewhat comforting when it's not annoying. But it's boring. No movie theater, no place to shop for clothes, no "hang out" for younger kids. We did build a new pool last summer and it's pretty awesome.
We have a small police force and there isn't always a cop on duty. Neighbors look out for neighbors here. We do have a very low rate of crime, but if something serious did happen it's usually quite a wait for the police, fire fighters or paramedics to show up.
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