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Plenty of retail. Has big city amenities without big city's problems. City is laid out so just about any place can be reached in 15 minutes or less.
Appleton is a great little city. There are things to rave about, the great local scenery, eateries, and park system. There are also things to dislike. This place is a perfect place to raise a family if you are not of a race other than white. It's unfortunate that the low cost of living and the very reasonable wages don't outweigh the level of racism or unmannered people I've experienced. There is minimal diversity everywhere you turn and everyone is looked down upon if you of a different race than white. I've heard someone even say to me, "you don't see very many educated black people." Being an Austin, Texas native, I am certainly appalled by the lack of education and empathy the people here have.
we have lived in Appleton for 6 years now and it has been rocky to say the least for my African American family.
It has a little bit of everything.
I find it easy to get around. The streets are set up well, in a grid-like fashion. There is less traffic than in the nearby city, Green Bay.
If you want anything, you can head to the west side. There you can find the Fox River Mall and surrounding stores.
There are at least 2 theaters for entertainment purposes.
There are places here called BioLife, where you can donate plasma and earn extra money.
I have lived in a few places over the last few years, and Appleton is definitely the best.
I have lived in Appleton for the majority of my life and I find it lovely. The sides of the buildings downtown are painted by a wonderful local artist and the local shops carry very unique and quirky gifts. I've always felt incredibly safe even walking alone at night was never a concern.
Appleton is a wonderful city to live. It has a population of about 65,000. It's a safe area and has plenty of things to do. There's everything from nightlife, to a big mall, to community events, and more. There are lovely walking trails and parks. There are tons of restaurants. The job market is great and cost of living is very affordable. I've lived several places in Wisconsin and Appleton is my favorite.
Its a great place to raise a family. Small and quiet with good schools and clean parks. I have grown up here for 25yrs. I enjoyed the new upcoming restaurants and the breweries are great! We have some of the top small brews in Wisconsin, including the New Glarus.
A relatively small city, but still has a rush that bigger cities would have. Throughout the year the city has a lot of events for wide range of ages. From yoga in park to Appleton's own Mile of Music, you are sure to never be bored.
i love the people who live in Appleton. its not to large. has good job opportunities and schools. there are many community opportunities and many things to go out and do
Very easy to use. I like that all my match show up and that it is super user friendly. I would like to be able to put more info in my profile. Although I entered what I could I was not eligible for some of the grants in my "matches".
Overall, it is a great place to work and visit. There is so much to do without traveling very far, and there are new places constantly popping up.
I think Appleton is a great place to live. It is a very safe neighborhood the police keep a good watch on their citizens. The bus system could be better that's about it.
We don't have too much crime to begin with in Appleton so there's already not much to worry about. However, our police force is very present within out community. They have a Facebook page that actually allows them to solve minor issues in the community by asking their Facebook followers for help identifying unknown subjects. I have always felt safe in my neighborhood and in my city.
I love living in my neighborhood in Appleton. There are many young kids playing outside everyday and all of their parents get along too. You feel comfortable with all of your neighbors, we often ask each other to water plants or care for animals while another neighbor is gone. I would chose to live in Appleton again, any day. It's a large city but we have so many incredible and close knit neighborhoods that you don't get that big city feel.
I don't see police around unless something is going on, but I also don't leave campus much. I feel safe on campus, I am not sure about other areas in the city but I hear from others that this city is very safe compared to others.
I would not live here if I were to chose all over again. The weather is very cold during winter and very hot during summer. The city is safe though, and the people are nice.
Like I said earlier, there have been recent instances of crime, including robbery of a gas station; however, those instances are very few and far between, considering how populated my city is becoming. I still feel very safe all the time.
Although crime has increased slightly in the recent years, it is only because my city is growing in size and becoming more industrial. However, I have never felt unsafe in my life. Jobs are increasing, businesses are booming, a country lifestyle is still available on the outskirts, and health and fitness is very encouraged. I see many people, of all ages, running, walking, or doing some sort of exercise outside and there are even free yoga classes in the park. It has been wonderful to grow up in Appleton, Wisconsin.
The crime here is very low. There are few cases every year that gain noticeable attention. Overall the crime here has a very minor impact on the community and is not a problem in this area.
Appleton is a great city to live in. Its a moderate size but at the same time isn't too big. I don't think that there is a bad neighborhood to be found, it is an all around safe place to live. Everything is close and you don't have to drive too far to get anything you might need.
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