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Appleton is a great city to live in. There is always something to do! I enjoy the great events that Downtown Appleton has to offer.
Its a good place to live- getting more diverse. People are friendly and the community is well taken care of.
Safe, small town feel in a pretty good sized city. Great schools, friendly people, and some pretty great entertainment options.
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Appleton is such a great area for so many reasons! Not only is it a great area to raise a family but it's also a great place to start your career!
Appleton has so many great features for all types of people. The downtown area is well-kept and people take pride in owning store frontages there. Many different local shops to peruse. If you're looking for adventure, there's tons of trails to explore and even a nature preserve. There are many different cuisines to try from Japanese, Italian, Southern, Thai, Vietnamese, and many cafés. It is a constantly growing city with lots of uncovered potential. Currently, they are building a new venue for more musicians to attend. Each year, during the month of August, the "Mile of Music" is put on from various local sponsors to bring bands in from around the globe. For 3 or 4 days you can walk a mile and hear over fifty artists playing and choose to stay and leave as you please. Appleton is a great city to visit or to stay. It has much to offer if you're willing to look for it.
Great place to raise a family! Excellent downtown with music festivals, farmer's markets, and art. Highly rated schools with a private University, two year college and a Technical School all within 10 minutes.
I like the family friendly atmosphere. There are many resources within the city of Appleton. For example, the glorious Fox River Mall, the wide variety of vehicle repair shops, the variery of grocery stores as well as the Kwik Trip convenience stores!
Appleton is a great city to live in. Just the right size. Plenty of things to do yet not too big. A great place to raise a family
I love Appleton because of it's community involvement in the performing arts. Lawrence University lies within Appleton and is a huge influence within the Fox Valley. As a music major, I appreciated the musical opportunities I received in Appleton because of the university's involvement with the community while I was in high school. Along with that, downtown is the perfect place to shop, grab coffee, watch live performances, and to sight-see. The farmer's market during the summertime is always a fun activity as well. Overall, I've felt safe in Appleton, except there are a lot of bad drivers out there.... but I guess you could say that about any city. Appleton is a great city to start a life, raise a family, get a job, and to just enjoy life.
Appleton is not too big, nor too small. Has a diverse culture. Good education. Many things in the area to do. Hunting, fishing, Performance Arts Center, Fox Valley Technical College, University of Wisconsin Fox Valley. People here like their vintage cars and have several car shows each year. People are friendly. Low crime rate.
Appleton is a medium-sized town with just enough entertainment to keep you busy. Appleton sports a large mall and technical school in the north, UW University in the south, YMCA and movie theater to the east, and airport in the west. After finishing a long work day, relax at one of the diverse restaurants and visit local, small business to get a one of a kind experience.
Appleton is a great area to raise a family. There's so much to do and so many other things within a reasonable driving distance
I love my city! I love the community and I love that its a great place to raise a family. I feel safe in my city regardless of the time of day.
Plenty of retail. Has big city amenities without big city's problems. City is laid out so just about any place can be reached in 15 minutes or less.
Appleton is a great little city. There are things to rave about, the great local scenery, eateries, and park system. There are also things to dislike. This place is a perfect place to raise a family if you are not of a race other than white. It's unfortunate that the low cost of living and the very reasonable wages don't outweigh the level of racism or unmannered people I've experienced. There is minimal diversity everywhere you turn and everyone is looked down upon if you of a different race than white. I've heard someone even say to me, "you don't see very many educated black people." Being an Austin, Texas native, I am certainly appalled by the lack of education and empathy the people here have.
we have lived in Appleton for 6 years now and it has been rocky to say the least for my African American family.
It has a little bit of everything.
I find it easy to get around. The streets are set up well, in a grid-like fashion. There is less traffic than in the nearby city, Green Bay.
If you want anything, you can head to the west side. There you can find the Fox River Mall and surrounding stores.
There are at least 2 theaters for entertainment purposes.
There are places here called BioLife, where you can donate plasma and earn extra money.
I have lived in a few places over the last few years, and Appleton is definitely the best.
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I have lived in Appleton for the majority of my life and I find it lovely. The sides of the buildings downtown are painted by a wonderful local artist and the local shops carry very unique and quirky gifts. I've always felt incredibly safe even walking alone at night was never a concern.
Appleton is a wonderful city to live. It has a population of about 65,000. It's a safe area and has plenty of things to do. There's everything from nightlife, to a big mall, to community events, and more. There are lovely walking trails and parks. There are tons of restaurants. The job market is great and cost of living is very affordable. I've lived several places in Wisconsin and Appleton is my favorite.
Its a great place to raise a family. Small and quiet with good schools and clean parks. I have grown up here for 25yrs. I enjoyed the new upcoming restaurants and the breweries are great! We have some of the top small brews in Wisconsin, including the New Glarus.
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