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I love that there is open space out here and its not as fast as the city life. Apple valley is truly a family place ....I have lived out here for over 20 years ....went off to college in the city and all I could think about was my the town of apple valley due to the fresh air and open space
Apple Valley, where I live, is a place where is there is peace and quiet. Majority of the people around me have kids that have their own kids or from middle school to highschool. I live a good distance from the freeway but you don't hear it from my house. At night there is no big noises and in the morning all you hear is an occasional car and birds chirping. My town is known for people moving there to get better air from cities where the air is really bad. In Apple Valley there is not a lot of stuff to do. For you to go to a theme park or a really good mall you have to go down the hill. We are close the border of California and Nevada. We are 3 1/2 from Vegas and 90 minutes from L.A and the shore.
Apple Valley was a great place to be raised. It's not overly populated, so you can get around without the insane traffic. It would be nice if they increased the nightlife, especially for young adults. There is not much to do there except get in trouble.
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My experience in Apple Valley has been poor for the past five years that I have lived here. The neighborhood in which I live is fairly safe, however, the surrounding areas are not as safe, nor as family friendly. The weather as well is not as desired when one is expecting a "California lifestyle". I understand that this is the High Desert, but there is no attempt to improve the way of life from a citizen's standpoint.
It's a beautiful comfortable desert town with beautiful sunsets that you can't find anywhere else. The summer nights here are comfortable and provoke a sense of nostalgia that puts you right at home. During the nights on the outer parts of town you can see a unobstructed sky with beautiful stars hanging just out of reach. The locals are friendly and making a passerby friend isn't unheard of here.
I Like that the cost of living is low so that you are able to have land and a house. I would like to see more activities or things for people to do, so that drinking isn't the only option
It's alright. The buildings could use remodeling, we need nicer landscaping, shopping centers need to be expanded, more restaurants would be nice, and there isn't much to do.
Apple Valley is a very quiet town and always has new adventures to explore. Marvel at the beauty of the desert scenery.
apple valley is a great place to raise a family but the long commute to job opportunities makes it tough for those who work down the hill. there is relatively low crime but it has areas that need more financial assistance than others. overall if you don't mind dry weather and a possible long commute to a job then the low cost of living makes it a great place to maintain a high standard of living and enroll children in solid schools
Ive been in this town for six months it is nice and quiet the people are great and welcoming. they have great parks for the family and kids . the weather is great the community itself is beautiful with the surrounding mountain .Ive learned to love apple valley and its diversity.
Apple Valley is a quite town. I grew up here so places and people have become familiar. However, over the recent years, the crime rates have dramatically increased.
Apple Valley, California is a small town with that is growing each day. It's a small town that nobody knows of. Between the city of Barstow and San Bernardino, there is very little to be desired here. The one thing i do love though are its beautiful sunrises and sunsets but also the clear skys at night.
Amazing place to live, beautiful community with many things to do. Great neighborhoods and clean streets.
I was raised in Apple Valley and in recent years schools and the town have been declining. Schools used to be wonderful and now students are lucky to be prepared for a college experience. Vandalism has risen highly and so has delinquency. The economy has gone down and jobs near to your home are becoming increasingly hard to find.
Lived here my whole life. One of the best school systems in the valley. Everyone is friendly and willing help each other
I love the openness and quietness the town has to offer. On the other hand, I'd like an upgrade to the stores and places around town. I love vintage but not as much as they have here. Everything tends to be outdated.
Place for people who want to live off the grid and retired folks. Kids don't have much to do here. There's a community college in a near by town. And a movie theater here is fairly I expensive.
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Apple Valley is a small quiet town located in the California High Desert. It is a family friendly town to live in with one hospital which is St Mary's Medical Center, where I work at with many other RN's whom graduated from the local Community College in Victorville the town next to Apple Valley. I would like to see Apple Valley have better healthcare for its residents. Currently in our small approximately 200 bed hospital and 20 bed ICU there are a lot of Patients holding in the ER due to lack of hospital bed availability. Opening urgent cares is vital to Apple Valleys healthcare, to decongest the current overflow of patients in the ER.
Therefore, in this underserved area a higher volume of healthcare providers is needed to staff the urgent cares. With this scholarship I can pay for some of my tuition for grad school. I am majoring in Family Nurse Practitioner and would like to someday graduate and help out my community.
Thank you.
Apple V alley is a small city in California, I like that there are a lot of mountains and in the winter you can see the snow. What I would change is the Cajon Pass, It's the only way up and down from Apple Valley to the other major cities like LA and San Diego. But on the other hand it's nice and cozy right here in Apple Valley.
I have lived in Apple Valley (and nearby Victorville) for over 18 years. I am glad to have grown up in this area. The town is large enough that it has all of the popular stores and restaurants, while still having the feel of a nice suburb. Apple Valley is in a great centralized location of Southern California. It is about 45 minutes from Big Bear Mountain, 90 minutes from the beach or Disneyland, and just under half way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I love the weather, because over 95% of the year, I wake up to sunshine. I definitely plan to raise my future family in this area.
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