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I love the openness and quietness the town has to offer. On the other hand, I'd like an upgrade to the stores and places around town. I love vintage but not as much as they have here. Everything tends to be outdated.
Place for people who want to live off the grid and retired folks. Kids don't have much to do here. There's a community college in a near by town. And a movie theater here is fairly I expensive.
Apple Valley is a small quiet town located in the California High Desert. It is a family friendly town to live in with one hospital which is St Mary's Medical Center, where I work at with many other RN's whom graduated from the local Community College in Victorville the town next to Apple Valley. I would like to see Apple Valley have better healthcare for its residents. Currently in our small approximately 200 bed hospital and 20 bed ICU there are a lot of Patients holding in the ER due to lack of hospital bed availability. Opening urgent cares is vital to Apple Valleys healthcare, to decongest the current overflow of patients in the ER.
Therefore, in this underserved area a higher volume of healthcare providers is needed to staff the urgent cares. With this scholarship I can pay for some of my tuition for grad school. I am majoring in Family Nurse Practitioner and would like to someday graduate and help out my community.
Thank you.
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Apple V alley is a small city in California, I like that there are a lot of mountains and in the winter you can see the snow. What I would change is the Cajon Pass, It's the only way up and down from Apple Valley to the other major cities like LA and San Diego. But on the other hand it's nice and cozy right here in Apple Valley.
I have lived in Apple Valley (and nearby Victorville) for over 18 years. I am glad to have grown up in this area. The town is large enough that it has all of the popular stores and restaurants, while still having the feel of a nice suburb. Apple Valley is in a great centralized location of Southern California. It is about 45 minutes from Big Bear Mountain, 90 minutes from the beach or Disneyland, and just under half way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I love the weather, because over 95% of the year, I wake up to sunshine. I definitely plan to raise my future family in this area.
Well I recently moved to Apple Valley and I'll have to say at first it was quite a change, probably the biggest thing I noticed at first was that there is virtually no grass anywhere. But the other things I noticed are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the cost of living. Now that was huge to me. I believe that in Apple Valley I will be able to accomplish my goal of being a home owner one day soon.
Apple Valley is a perfect town for anyone who enjoys the thrills of a city life only every now and then. Just a few minutes from the I-15 freeway, Apple Valley is a quiet, relaxing middle town for people who like to take the occasional trip to either Las Vegas or Los Angeles. I spent most of my life in Apple Valley and feel most at home here.
nothing here movies that's it wide open spaces house prices are good schools are fine but nightlife none. worth the time to check it out
I absolutely love Apple Valley California. We have wonderful schools for the kids. It's a safer environment considering the other cities in the high desert. The community center has so many different programs to get kids involved in a healthy lifestyle and to keep them busy and out of trouble.
Apple Valley is a small desert town. It’s not too far from the freeway and easy to commute from. The winters are cold and the summers are hot. Temperatures easily spike up to 100 degrees in July. Big Bear and Wrightwood are about an hour away and its easy to travel during the snow season. Hiking, running and off-roading are common around here. There are two movie theaters and several small shopping centers. There is only one mall in the High Desert and its not too far from Apple Valley. There are also several small mom and pop diners to named restaurants such as Red Robin and Applebee's. The area is still calm and quite at night. It’s easy to relax living here.
Apple Valley has been such a great town to me. It is located in the High Desert and is centered around desert and mountain scenery. The town is located off interstate 15 and is halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This is a great town to live if you are an outdoor person who likes to have easy access to the San Bernardino and Los Angeles mountains.
I've been living here my whole life, and I love it! Such a nice small(ish) town with a bunch of small town businesses that I love.
Apple Valley is a nice small town right off the 15 freeway in between Los Angeles and Vegas. It has a big healthcare area and not much shopping. Most stores are small businesses besides the giant target and Walmart in the center of town.
Limited dining options, limited entertainment options. Lots of small businesses to support. Area schools are average. Housing is affordable. Mostly safe neighborhoods. Easy access to mountain areas for skiing and snowboarding. Only 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. 1.5 hours to Los Angeles.
What I love about Apple Valley is the large properties giving each resident their own personal space creating a quieter neighborhood. Additionally, Apple Valley residents are close to local shopping, businesses and freeway access.
So far I love Apple valley. The local shopping centers. The dine out services. I only went to high school and some college here. Thee Hugh schools are OK not great but OK. College is awesome.
Apple Valley is the best city in the area of the High Desert. It has larger lots, wide open spaces and good people. It would be nice to see more shopping and restaurant options.
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I like my neighborhood and the local shopping area, Jess Ranch. I like the school my son attends. I would like to see new business go up. I do not like the towns ridiculous water rates, I wish something could be done about that.
Apple valley seems like a pretty good area. The town had lots of shopping centers. There are also many parks lots of schools several movie theaters and one mall. Apple valley seems to be the middle of lots to do. The town is not too far from the mountains about three hours from Vegas and within three hours of Disneyland. Knots berry farm, Hollywood, the beach, and so much more. Apple valley is about ten minutes away from Victorville which has a nice community college. Apple valley and the immediate surrounding areas also has three hospitals and several urgent cares and Drs. Offices.
This is my first time using this website. It has been pretty simple and user friendly. I am hoping to find some scholarship money to help pay for my education.
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