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I love Apple Valley. I grew up in the area and Apple Valley continues to grow and expand. There are many great housing options, schools and places to shop. The night life could improve a little, but I do understand this is more of a family friendly city.
I love living in Apple Valley. It is a nice, quiet city with lots of parks. I feel safe living in Apple Valley. The school district is excellent. It is close to St. Paul and Minneapolis so you are close to many jobs and recreational activities.
It is a great community that is safe and affordable. Many great restaurants and shopping in our community.
Apple Valley pretty much sums up the definition of Minnesota Nice. It's a very suburban area where the people are either pretty rude or extremely nice. Our on "celebrity" is Tyus Jones and he's not even that great himself, but on to me and my experiences. I've been in Apple Valley for 7 years and it was quiet tough, being the only openly gay black guy in the whole entire school it leads nothing more than bullying, but hey that's all Highschools am I right?
I love living in Apple Valley. It truly is a great suburb to be in for families. There are lots of restaurants, good public schools, and fun activities to do. There is a bus that takes you straight to the Mall Of America, if you don't want to drive there. There are lots of grocery stores and farmers markets that are not too expensive to shop at. There are two water parks in the area, a library, bowling alley, and beaches. It is a safe community to live in and it is near everything so you don't have to travel far!
It is most certainly an area of development however many of the people here treat minorities very disrespectfully.
This is a nice, quite community. The ever growing comercial properties makes it quick and easy to find anything you need. And, if it is not in Apple Valley, both the Burnville Center and the Mall of America are just minutes away.
Apple Valley is ten minutes from the burnsville mall and fifteen minutes from the Mall of America. We're about twenty minutes from downtown. Overall, there's a lot of cute restaurants, there's two targets and two HyVee's, the library is super big and comfortable, the schools are amazing. The neighborhoods are super kid friendly.
This was my first time to go to the United State. When I come to here , my biggest problem is my English. So, I felt lucky that I can study at the High School. Perhaps my English Is not good, but I can do my best and try to everything. Then, I work at Sam's Club. Even if sometimes I felt very tried, but I am keep going to work, which is my experience.
I recently moved to Apple Valley after living in Southern California for 3 years and before that NH. Apple Valley is a beautiful suburb of Minneapolis with a very short commute time to the city. Although it is a suburb it has everything you need without leaving. Numerous grocery stores, Wal-Mart, two Targets, Starbucks, and walking/biking trails.
The local police work to be seen positively in the community. The rare times I've needed them (e.g. when I left my garage door open and someone took something), they have responded quickly and professionally.
Apple Valley a quiet community that is growing steadily. It's 15 minutes from the Mall of America and 20 minutes from the airport. Beautiful parks and trails. Top-notch school district. Many community resources to support struggling families. Vibrant faith communities. Summers are nice, fall is gorgeous. Winters are a challenge but the city and county do a fine job of clearing the roads.
There have been a few instances with my family where things have been stolen, but other than that seems okay. Definitely could be a lot worse.
Have lived here since I was born and love the people, the great opportunities and suburban life.
Police are visible and proficient in responding. However, the police are not needed often because of the safe neighborhoods and the overall safety of the town.
The school district in this area is truly amazing; it is continually ranked among the best. The recreation is great for kids and very safe. The environment is well kept and always beautiful.
I don't know of any crime in my neighborhood or any violence in the town
This area is perfect for raising a family. It is also very centrally located to many attractions of Minnesota. If I could do it all over again I would most definitely live in Apple Valley again.
I live in the neighborhood next to the police station so the police is very visible in my surrounding area.
overall a nice place to live, but can be impersonal at times.
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