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There is precious little to do around here. There are some events here and there, mostly holiday-related. There are homecoming events which are very small and not exciting. Tourists seem to find it somewhat fascinating because it's in the heart of Amish country. That's the biggest draw. There are some campgrounds nearby with some decent hotels and B&Bs nearby.
It's hit and miss. They're good at taking care of problems relating to storms, etc., but getting them to fix potholes is like pulling teeth. The weather here is fine for the most part, although we have been getting some weird weather in the past few years. Our recent winter was horrifying and we haven't really had a Spring. It went from freezing to boiling overnight. The changing seasons are nice, especially when Fall rolls . The landscape is absolutely gorgeous then! Summer activities involve swimming, sports and travel. Winter involves sledding, skiing and snow tubing.
Our town council leaves a lot to be desired. They make decisions that cost our town more money than it makes and re not open to new ideas at all. The police department here is one example. It is unnecessary and costs too much to maintain. We do have an excellent fire department, though. Our mayor is fine but most of the control of the town is held by the council. Our Congressmen, both state and US, are hit and miss. There are some we like, some we don't. The Governor, OH Sec of State and Attorney General need to be replaced. Their attacks on voting rights are appalling. Politically, I'm a Moderate and don't really belong to a certain party. I tend to watch what each party is doing, see what I like & don't like and vote accordingly.
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There is a sizable variety of restaurants and lounges in the surrounding area. There is everything from burgers joints to family-style eateries to higher-priced restaurants and places with exotic foods. Even in my very small town, there are some places to eat. Within about a 15-mile radius, you won't go hungry here!
There is a recycling center nearby and a fair number of folks utilize it. I grew up here and haven't really lived anywhere else.
There is a variety of housing options in the area, from small apartments to mobile homes to large single-family houses. Most properties are well-maintained and have at least a one-car garage and a driveway. Although there are a few abandoned properties, they are well-maintained, either by the owner, volunteers, neighbors or by city workers because city officials are very picky about appearances and property values. Housing costs are average. Rental costs can run fairly high. A 2 bedroom apartment can go for upwards of between $450 and $800 a month.
Major airports around here require at least a 40 minute drive. There are some Amtraks but they're not terribly convenient. There are absolutely no local bus services to just get people around town but there are taxis and other transportation services available. Major highways are very close and accessible and, except for certain times of day, aren't difficult to navigate, especially with a GPS. Locally, our sidewalks are pretty well maintained and easily accessible in most places. Stores and local government offices are reasonably accessible as is the local library so a lot of folks walk or ride bicycles instead of driving.
There are plenty of nice parks in the area and a beautiful arboretum nearby which all welcome hikers, pic-nickers and familes. There is also a very nice park with a large pond where you can feed the ducks and geese and they allowing fishing. There isn't a lot of air or water pollution but, sadly, people do fail to find a proper receptacle in which to throw away their refuse so you see a good bit of garbage on the side of the road. They do keep the parks clean, though. We're quite a distance from most state and national parks but it's usually worth the drive.
There are a lot of different stores on the north end of town but downtown has taken a negative turn with a lot of stores shutting their doors, a lot of it having to do with the local hospital buying them out, razing them and turning the shopping center into a parking lot. There are some mom and pop restaurants and stores and we try to give them our business as much as possible. Most folks get groceries at Walmart because they drove out most of the retail and grocery stores that had existed for several decades. There is one other major grocer here which is still doing well, though. Other smaller grocers exist but do much smaller business.
People are generally in fair health but there seems to be a tendency toward being overweight. There are a lot of fast food joints in the area which exacerbates the problem. Biggest health issues appear to be heart problems and Diabetes. There are problems with alcohol and with some drugs such as marijuana but there seems to be less of an issue with harder drugs like meth, heroin and cocaine than in neighboring communities.
There are a few events here and there but, generally speaking, it's rather quiet and, at times, tedious. We have to travel a considerable distance to find amusement parks, etc. There are a few small museums around here but nothing exciting. There are nice parks and places to go swimming. Not much to do for people under 30.
It's not great but it is getting better. There are more opportunities cropping up all the time, mostly in the medical field with many nursing and STNA jobs opening up. There are some new medical arts buildings opening and existing medical facilities are hiring. Otherwise, people generally work in factories and in retail.
I live in a very safe area. There is little crime, violent or otherwise. People can even go for walks at night without any real danger of being harmed. Most people around here are asleep by 10 PM. Shops are closed by then. Very safe.
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