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Apopka is a pretty friendly community with a lot of diversity. The city is currently trying to improve its appearance so they are working on some wonderful upgrades like a brand new gym and a Party City. The city is also doing some remodeling to current standing buildings to give it a fresh new look. Apopka has a plethora of daycare and preschool programs so this city is perfect for up and coming families. One of the best parts about living in Apopka is being so close to a state park. Wekiwa Springs State Park is a beautiful and welcoming watering hole for people near and far. During the summer time the state park is almost always packed to capacity because it is such a loved and fun place to visit. Overall I think Apopka is a pretty peaceful and cozy place to live.
I have been living in Apopka since 2002. I vividly remember moving here while I was still in elementary school. I love the area and I love that there's no crime where I live. Apopka is a kid friendly environment and the neighbors are helpful and respectful. Everyone respects one another and my neighborhood is pretty quiet. The only thing I would love to see change is the streets. It's flooded with cars because so much people are moving in.
I like the diversity that is prevalent in the community. There are many different types of cultures, religions and races. In this day and age, it is nice to see people from many different backgrounds being civil and connecting on the commonalities they all share; instead of focusing on their differences.
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Small town feel with a big town breadth, friendly and warm people and lots of fun things to do. Many towns nearby are also filled with amazing restaurants and nice shops Apopka is a great place for families.
Good mix of restaurants and businesses within a short distance. There is also a good mix of ethnic groups.
A small quiet city that is slowly developing. Not a far drive to the main attraction areas but it is a city that is getting busier.
My time here in Apopka has been relatively good. I met a lot of people in this town, including my best friends. Mind you i'm not from Apopka but the overall environment is nice, there are some areas however where if you're not from Apopka or don't know where you're going you should not go. It's a relatively small town but we're growing at a faster rate than we had in the past few years i've been here.
Apopka is a suburb, but it is so close to Disney, Downtown Orlando, Sea World, Disney Springs, state parks, and the beaches. And the traffic isn't bad.
I like Apopka because it is a nice place for families to live, it doesn't have a lot of crime only certain areas are not that safe at night. However, it is a beautiful place to live.
In Apopka, there are lots of wild life around to respect and enjoy. The people of Apopka are very diverse. My neighbors are all very helpful and friendly. We all look out for one another and each others children. Apopka is a good place to live.
This is my hometown. Now that I'm in college and able to reflect back on my history with this city, I can honestly say that it's a great place to live, especially for a family. There are quality schools which have many wonderful teachers and different activities to do around Apopka. Although it can get a bit boring sometimes, the small town vibe is nice because you are really connected with the people and places here. At the same time, it's big enough that there are always opportunities to meet new people and explore new places.
I have worked in Apopka for about ten years and have never had a problem driving though Apopka. Most food places that i have ate at are very good and the city parks are very nice. only bad thing i must say is that there are red light cameras that are faulty.
I like that my particular neighborhood is quiet and most people are friendly. Even though I've only lived here for about one month, it's nice. One thing that I would change is probably that the surrounding plazas are very old looking. A fews places could use some remodeling and updates. The town is very nice though. I haven't had any bad run-ins yet.
This is an established and fast growing community has a quick access to the downtown Orlando area, shopping, Disney, tourist attractions. And near by Winter park thats has all the great dining and clubs. Beach acceses is only about 1- 2hrs away where you can enjoy Florida great beachs. Its a great place to like and work with out the heavy traffic of the big cities..great place for families to.
i love it here! Apopka is a small quiet city with many things to offer. it been great growing up here, all my friends from elementary are going to be sitting next to me when i graduate! i plan on living here for the rest of my life.
I have lived in Apopka All my life. I like how it is a family oriented place. Apopka is more than just a community they are a family. They come together to help one another. If i could change anything it would be to add more parks and so we do not have to go to Orlando.
Apopka is a great city, from the friendly atmosphere to the welcoming town hall. I love the vast landscape and nice open range behind my house that provides me an amazing view. As someone who moved into the city last year July, I feel confident in my choice. I can't wait wait to settle down and thoroughly enjoy everything Apopka has to offer.
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Apopka is a small town, although it has been growing more rapidly in more recent years. It is a relatively quiet area, with a small town feel.
Apopka is a small town just north of Orlando. They have a variety of good quality restaurants, biking trails, lakes, and rivers. If you are not into the busy nightlife then Apopka may be the city to raise your family!
Apopka is a close nit town. Everyone knows everyone. Most are very helpful and supportive. The stores and mom n pop locations are amazing. Gives you an at home feeling every time.
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