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Apopka is a place where a family may choose to settle down simply because of the stability found in this area. It is filled with people of the working class American society and allows for children to grow up in an area unlike the city of Orlando where crime rates are high and tourists run the show. Apopka is also a place near to the always-advancing University of Central Florida as well as Valencia College which has allowed for many students to obtain the opportunity to gain access to the education found between the walls of the University of Central Florida. Though the city has its defects including its rising crime rates and overflow of undocumented citizens, Apopka is a beautiful place to buy fresh foods, mingle between the diverse races among its population and seek and find the amazing opportunities awaiting those who seek a higher education and lifestyle.
What I like about Apopka is that it is rather removed from the center of things. You feel like you are a part of the city without all the extra hustle and bustle of downtown and crazy parking regulations. You're relatively close too many of the things that you need to get to without having to deal with the traffic of its existence.

For the most part a lot of nature still exists in the area including the nature drive that is over on Lust Road, it adds to Apopka Beauty.

However, what I dislike about Apopka is probably it's under belly. What lies in South Apopka in the way of crime and poverty is a harsh contrast to the other half of Apopka filled with beautiful houses in clean neighborhoods and safe zones.
Apopka has many great neighborhoods, but it also has some sketchy parts mix in. I have lived in Apopka my whole life, graduated high school from Apopka Highschool. I would not raise my children in Apopka. The school's are filled with to many drugs, I myself have lost many friends to drugs or gang violence.
I enjoy the small town feel of Apopka. Some areas definitely need some work, but we have made good progress lately. They recently added an amphitheater, and have some great parks!
I love Apopka. It is different then most towns around Orlando. There are a ton of parks and wildlife walks, and we are surrounded by State Parks. The only thing I wish we had would be a mini water park, as it gets very hot here but there is no place for our children to cool down. Every other city in the area has a splash park for kids except Apopka.
Apopka is in the city but has plenty of room and has neighborhoods that are not right on top of one another. I like that it is even distance between both coasts. Easy driving distance to all Orlando has to offer.
Apopka is a nice town for a family. Outside of Orlando, but still close to attractions. Huge Apopka Lake with park and bike trail for family afternoons. Florida Hospital is building brand new HUGE hospital.
I love my city because it's small and cozy but has so many different types of people in it. There are tons of places to eat and cool things to do!
The police in this area are very visible and respond in a speedy fashion. They are helpful and responsive when needed.
I have lives in this area for my entire life and I find it to be a great area. The people are friendly enough and the local government is slowly becoming better and better.
The housing in this area is great. Especially for small families or even if you're trying to start a family. There are some vacant properties but that's only because they're for rent so we often see new tenants from time to time. There's no abandoned properties here. There are some houses that may look abandoned but that would be the homeowner's issue for not keeping up with the exterior and landscaping. The best area to reside in this area would be by high schools and supermarkets. The worst areas to reside in this area would be South Apopka and Pine Hills. Those areas are very run down.
The community in this are is very peaceful. Nobody bothers anybody and everybody here is respectful towards one another and their property. People tend to live in the area for years. Our community is very pet friendly. You'll always see people walking around with their pets. We have a family friendly community as well. Sometimes people in the community host events to celebrate and relax.
In my neighborhood we never experience crime. That's one of the many reasons I like my neighborhood. Our neighbors look out for one another. I feel safe in my neighborhood because I know my neighbors look out for us. My neighborhood is really quiet.
Crime depends on which part of the city you live in.
It is a great place to live. People are friendly and there is plenty of access to many useful services.
There aren't many crimes but when there is the police seem to not really care and don't really do much to help. But the area is very safe.
It's a nice area. There is next no crime, I feel safe, and everyone is nice. Neighbors tend to be unfriendly though, not really wanting to create new relationships; they will wave but that's it.
Where I live, it's fine. However, in near by areas there are constant shootings/stories of police mishandling.
Currently, there the crime rate and overall community is declining. However, the environment in which I live, I have never personally had a problem with.
Orlando brings a lot of gang crime.
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