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Small town, live just outside of it. Grew up in Natrona Heights where a gas station was every two blocks, now I have to at drive at least 10 miles to get to the nearest gas station. you learn to love the how quite this place can be versus living in a neighborhood where the other neighbor can hear your conversation. The people here are friendly and willing to help one another out. The night life here is not the greatest, but at least we have a close bar called Coolwater Salon who has the best food and drinks of draft. They just recently built a dollar general in our area which I like to call the spring church mall. (Spring Church) is the area I live in, Don't blink cause you will miss it!
The mayor of Apollo seems to think that he lives in a multi million dollar neighborhood when really it is a neighborhood full of older social security recipients and low income residents.
It is a small town where everyone knows everybody.
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There is such a wide range of employers but not any big ones in this area. Steel Mill, some factories, mostly retail stores and grocery stores.
Most local businesses in this area are mom & pop shops. Which are more convenient then the big popular stores, However pricing isn't always the best.
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