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Apex lives up to its name as the "peak of good living". It has exceptional living and a plentiful of commercial places to shop, dine, work, etc. It is known as "the safest town" to live in the US and I very much feel that to be true. There is a lot of construction in the area due to the high volume of people and businesses moving to the area but it is well worth it once the construction is done and something- such as a brand new high school or restaurant- is available to use!
I love how common and popular stores are at an easy access. It is a very family friendly location and there's excellent playgrounds to take kids to. The school system is very supportive at building a firm foundation for education.
Apex is a great place to raise a family. It's got a small town feel but is close to everything (airports, malls, medical care, etc.) at the same time. The schools in Apex are all great.
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Beautiful small town outside of the city. Still close enough to find everything you need. Adorable downtown area, lots of shopping.
Apex is a beautiful but kind city and I love the atmosphere. It's warm and wonderful and I never want to move. It also has a wonderful accessibility to all sorts of shops within walking distance.
Apex is definitely the #1 Best Place to Live in America. The people are great, the schools are phenomenal, etc.
The neighborhoods, schools, and community overall are great. There is a lot of diversity and the area is continuing to see steady growth. New businesses are coming into the area, which is always exciting. Raleigh draws in professional and college sports, along with appreciation for the arts. The surrounding cities/towns allow for diverse experiences. Apex is a family friendly town and is close to so many great things.
I love how Apex is so family-oriented. Downtown Apex has some really great shops. I love living here surrounded by people who are so committed to maintaining a small-town vibe.
This is a wonderful area to start or raise a family in. There are many great options for schools, and you are close to everything in the surrounding area.
I love Apex! I grew up here and have enjoyed seeing it grow. However, I do hope it maintains the "small town" charm!
Love the family-friendly community and proximity to Raleigh, the Triangle, and NC's mountains and coast!
I just bought a home in Apex and my husband and I love it. It is a family friendly town with great schools, activities, good restaurants, and outdoor greenways. It is also convenient access to good healthcare/hospitals and close to bigger cities like Raleigh.
Apex is a great place for young adults. The price is right, it is safe, and there are many fun places to go. Jobs are available in many areas from IT to restaurants.
It is a very safe area. The people around here are friendly. The area can get boring if it is not nice outside.
I love seeing how Apex has grown over the past decade. Easy commute using highway 64 and 440. There isn't much night life but Apex is very close to Raleigh. I do feel very safe during the night.
Grew up in Apex, NC. Great growing community. Lots of options for food, school and extracurriculars. Very diverse town with lots of fun small town things to do. Downtown Apex is worth a visit!
I moved to Apex, North Carolina when I was 8 from New Jersey. You can imagine it was quite a shocking change, but a good one. At the time, Apex had a small town feel, where you knew many people and everything had easy access. I was able to find community activates to participate in, such as gymnastics. My neighborhood is great, and has annual Christmas parties and sleigh rides in winter and pizza parties and yard sales in the summer. However, Apex has been growing at a rapid rate for many years now, and many things are changing that we as townspeople do not like. Homes are being built where there used to be beautiful woods. Schools are overflowing and classrooms are packed. A Publix is being built right across from an elementary school, where my favorite festive house was. They knocked down a hidden mansion to build another neighborhood. The thing is I do not want to see Apex change. It already has, and it can be argued whether it was for the better or not.
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Apex is a great place to grow up. It is safe, and there are so many extracurricular and social events on a regular basis. There is a good reason to call it "the Peak of Good Living".
Love the convenience of having everything so near. Feel very safe in this community. Very convenient location and access to neighboring cities
Apex, NC is a great place to live! It has a small town feel, but with the benefits of larger cities - like Raleigh & Durham. The public schools are excellent. It feels like a safe place to be & people are very friendly.
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