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I have lived here for about 10 years total. It is a small town but really close to the big city which is nice. The schools are low on money and I feel the students don't get a great education. If you like small towns and mountains and lakes nearby this is a good option.
Love living here. Still has the old west feeling. Not uncommon to see horseback riders and carts riding down the road.
I love the small-town vibe and community warmth with my neighbors. We are on the outskirts of the hustle and bustle, so things are a little more slow paced. The views don't hurt either!
Review Apache Junction
I am a native Arizonian and have lived in many cities within the greater Phoenix area throughout my life. I have lived in Apache Junction for 15 years. The community I live in is very family friendly which I love. I do wish there were parks closer we live and the schools were better funded.
Apache Junction, Arizona has clearly expressed the desire to grow and revitalize the downtown. Back in 1978 when my parents moved our family from New York to Apache Junction, Arizona, it was quite the culture shock. We moved from city living to this little desolate town that seemed to be about 2 miles long. There was desert every where, one grocery store, 2 elem. schools, and the JR and SR High shared buildings. It was a very fun town to grow up in, everyone knew everyone. Now this town has grown and populated like nobodies business. There has been numerous shopping centers built and we even got a WalMart. Its a little western town which is the home of the beautiful Superstition Mountains and carries the history of Jacob Waltz and his hidden pot of gold, a part of history that has yet to be explained. This is a very interesting place to grow up to say the least.
In Apache Junction, it really depends on where you are to really know anything about the town. If your in town it is easy to get places because all the roads are pretty much connected and all of your businesses are along a single street. If your along the outskirts expect a short drive time, approximately 10 to 20 minutes depending on your location. The town is in the process of improving its image by building and bringing in new business opportunities. It is generally a quiet place with beautiful scenery, including the infamous Superstition Mountain.
The Apache Junction area is peaceful place. It is just outside of the crazy city life so you can watch from a safe distance. If you are not a people person it's the place for you. Although you are not apart of the major city life you have everything that life offers with malls and shopping centers near by. You may find it safer and cleaner than other bigger cities such as down town Mesa. There is no need to worry about commute time for work with it being directly between the heart of Mesa, Gilbert and San Tan Valley. The low cost of living is a major part of why you should live here if you are young and hard at work. I personally wouldn't raise a family here. I feel there aren't good influences that would meet the standards I want them to learn.
It's a good area to raise a family in, except the local school district is suffering from lack of financial support from the state and local community. If you live in downtown, everything is within driving distance and relatively easy walking distance. Be wary of some of the wildlife; the coyotes are known to attack pets they find outside, and owls, hawks, falcons and occasionally eagles are found in the area. Winter can be annoying when people from northern states and Canada come down for the season; roads tend to move slower, and restaurants and stores are always packed.
I have been fortunate enough to live in one of the better-maintained and safer neighborhoods in my community; however, that is not the reality for most people. Driving through this city, it is clear that many people live in run-down homes. This area is fairly affordable and attracts a large amount of low-income individuals and families. There is also a decent amount of vacant or abandoned properties, which can foster crime. I hope to live in an area with better housing and safety.
As an Apache Junction Parks and Recreation employee, I work many city-wide events. At these events, I have the opportunity to view the community as an "outsider" at these engagements and I truly do feel a sense of support and respect from most people. I have been blessed with such support through my involvement with the Apache Junction Little League, which led me to the great employment opportunity I have been given. Most people tend to live in this area their whole lives, which allows for a true community to prosper.
In the close to nineteen years that I have lived in the area, I have felt safe for the most part; however, as I grow older, I can see more reasons to be concerned. The police force is not quick to respond and does not always consider the true dangers of a situation. Also, I have noticed an increase in drug use in the community. This makes me extremely nervous because drug use can truly alter a person's mindset and drive an individual to act in ways they normally wouldn't. With this in mind, I am waiting to move out of my parents' home until I know I can provide myself with a safe home.
As an Apache Junction native, I was raised and grew up in this area. I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. My favorite aspect of this community is the ability to be in touch with nature. I love exploring the hiking trails and taking scenic drives. Even though I live in a small town community, I am close enough to big cities that hold more opportunities for prosperity and growth. Going to school in a different city since sixth grade has taught me that I will have to move one day to give myself a greater chance at becoming the successful individual I strive to be. Considering this, I live in my hometown for now to gain work experience and allow myself to save money for school; however, I have accepted the reality that I will have to find a new place to live some day.
I love living here but there is a bad stigma with the area and the people who live here. Only a small percentage actually fall into the stigma's description, though. Overall, the atmosphere is great. It's a lovely place to be and there are always improvements being made to the city.
I hope that in the future this area gets better. There are a ton of drug deals and the highschool is jam packed with teen moms and convicted felons,. It's not the best nor the worst place to live.
About half of the city businesses are family-owned
Most houses are well-maintained and in safe areas.
One road acts as a safety hazard via a blind curve
Review Apache Junction
Area is filled with mom and pop stores, a Wal-Mart, traditional fast food restaurants, one gym, gas stations, repair shops. Not many specialty stores, health food stores. No movie theater. Nothing to do for entertainment for kids, teens, young adults, adults, elderly. You have to travel outside of town most of the time for things you need
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