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It has a small town feel while still being close to the city. It has family communities and retirement communities to provide diversity.
Apache Junction is a very friendly community, in which everyone treats each other like family. The shops and homes in Apache Junction are all reasonably priced and affordable for most. There is low crime rate and the people are very welcoming.
Lived in A.J. seven years now. Originally from the burbs of Chicago. Great community. Easy to get most anywhere in the East Valley from here - live in far Northeast area; Superstitions are out our living room and dining room windows. Fabulous weather, great views, plenty or places to ride our horses and large homes with acreage for very reasonable prices and low taxes in Pinal County part of A.J.
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It is a quiet and relaxing city with many family owned businesses. Great community! Plenty of activities to do every month. Easy access to restaurants and shopping malls.
I love living in Apache Junction, Az. Brings you back to the old west a bit. Lots of horses and places to ride and people are very nice.
I moved here a few months ago. Looking for a job, I've been a caregiver all my life. And worked in a store or two occasionally. When you know they are hiring you do what you need to do to do att least try to get hired and when all is said and done. They don't even notify you either way. I can't for the life of me wonder how they were hired for the position they have. And when you talked to the managers in the store, they all😚act like their personality has flown out the door!! Wow, I've never seen such miserable managers as the ones I've encountered here. Smile every once in awhile and have a people person attuide towards those you encounter
I love how beautiful and calm this area is and it's at the same time very close to the city. However I would definitely do some changes such as accessibility, a better night life so young people know where to go that is not so far from home, more stores and schools.
In the 2 years that I have lived in Arizona, Apache Junction has remained a dump an eye sore. It's nasty and houses druggies and leaves laces that should be demolished off of the face of the Earth. It's never been cleaned up and made to look nice. It's horrible and deplorable.
It has a small town feel with it. I also like how they are modernizing and building more shops here. I love the view of the Superstition Mountains as well. It is close enough to the outdoors and city but far enough from the busy city and crowded streets.
Apache Junction is an amazing place to live. I lived near the corner of Idaho and Apache Trail and I enjoyed every moment of it. I have lived in many areas in the Valley of the Sun for the past 22 years, and it goes beyond what people think of the place. Located just 30 minutes East of Phoenix, Apache Junction has great things to do. The best thing you can experience out there is the view of the Superstition Mountains, which is right at your doorstep. There are a few trails out here that are great for morning starters and evening runners alike. Canyon Lake is right up the road as well sitting just 15 minutes from town. Goldfield Ghost town And Miner's Grill out there provide great food and entertainment as well. Schools are great out there. I have had no issues with my children going to the schools out here. The quiet nights and beautiful sunrises are more than enough to get you going.
Apache Junction is a nice, small, and relatively quiet city at the base of the beautiful Superstition Mountain range. I enjoy living in Apache Junction because it isn't very crowded, there's quick access to several great hiking trails and other outdoor recreational activities, and it's only a short drive to get to the more metropolitan areas. Overall, Apache Junction is a nice community of hard working people, but I would like to see some changes made. There is a lot of garbage and unsightly properties in town, and a lot of drug use and transients.
Apache Junction is a small city that has a beautiful view, there are a good amount of job opportunities, and fairly priced housing.
Apache Junction is a great horse community! I love living there because the community is close. It’s kind of similar to living in a small town with the closeness of a large city!
I love Apache Junction it is where I grew up. It is a nice small town to live in. It's mostly quiet as well compared to cities like Mesa and Gilbert.
Apache Junction should have been a hiking town, with the amazing mountains and hikes. But with the public school system going down the toilet, so is the town. No one wants to move here, so businesses are suffering, and the only people that really live here are super old people (rich in Gold Canyon or base of the mountain), meth heads, or struggling families that can't afford a decent place.
I love the restaurants and the history behind the town and surrounding areas. some of the original buildings and shops are still in original shape and the views of the Superstition Mountains are breathe taking. In the afternoon, you can see the shadow of parts of the mountain that resemble the shape of a mountain lion.
Apache Junction is a little riddled with homeless people, and druggies. They mostly stay to themselves, but they're on almost every other street corner, which can get semi annoying. It's a slightly run-down city that they are trying to make better.
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The travel time to any major city (Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler) can be longer because you are on the outskirts. Some shopping is popping up, but still needs improvement.
I like the small town atmosphere. I like that I know my locals and they know me. Especially in the summer when the snow birds are gone.
It is a quiet community. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. It is a safe community with colleges close by. It is affordable living.
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