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I moved to Antwerp from another small town close by. It's a nice area and I'm happy to raise my children here. The only downfall is having to travel for work, shopping and dining.
I would probably not choose to live here again if I had a choice. It is too small of a town and the roads are very unkempt. Hopefully this town can get another business to open to help with job availability.
The parking availability is high and it is usually easy to find parking for free. There are many potholes which are a big concern.
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The weather is usually very good. When the winter storms get to bad it can make it hard to get to school. The most essential items in my wardrobe are my jacket and my hat.
There are not many nightlife options in this town. The only late night restaurant is McDonald's. There is a very nice small restaurant where they serve very good bacon ranch cheese fries.
There are not many job opportunities in this area because it is such a small town.
In the small town there are not many popular stores. There are many more small stores and diners than large popular stores.
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