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people live their lives and some want to work out while others do not.
I live in a american indian place and we live life from day to day .
It is the south and the weather changes and we learn to live with what the Lord gives us.
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Our government is out of control and they only think of themselves and keeping their power.
People are born in this area and live here for their entire lives.
The cops rarely come around this area and when they do it is a drive thru. They really do not patrol.
In a small town like I live in they are not here so we do without.
In a small town those things are not here.
We have a small town feel and its good.
The economy is bad and it shows with people losing their jobs and homes.
In the country life is slow.
there are no attractins in this area, it is the rural country.
Living in rural america like I do allows you to experience the out doors and enjoy the open air and freedom of the world.
I live in the rural country and there are alot of people who fish, hunt, and various other activities in the out doors. I love to go to the woods and scout out for deer in the off season so when it comes around I can find the big ones.
Nothing spectacular just your average fast food restaurants.
It a decent area just its kind of your typical small county.
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