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I love Antioch for its small town feel. You always see someone you know running around town. Your close to both Chicago and Milwaukee.
I have lived here for 10 plus years now and I love it there are lots of things to do from bowling and boating. Also Antioch is tons of fun and peaceful.
I have lived in Antioch for almost 14 years, it's a very safe town. However, diversity is very low and there are a lot of drug problems among the high school students. Great teachers at the high school, a lot of administration who are trying to help as much as they can.
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The police officers are always visible. The police station is right in town which is very nice. Not much happens in Antioch.
It is a cute town. There is not a whole lot to do but the surrounding towns are super close.
There's some small drug crimes that happen, but the chances of anything more serious is pretty slim.
Some parts of town aren't that nice and some of the people here aren't very nice. But if you ignore all of that, Antioch is a nice little small town.
Not much at all. Very rare for violent crime here.
I love the old downtown area. Live shows, good food
Housing is adequate and generally kept in good condition, but Lake County taxes are extremely high for what you get in housing.
Since I moved here I have been at school and working, so I have not spent much time to get to know the community. However, I'm sure there are many opportunities to get involved in the community.
The crime rate is pretty low. Of course there are some robberies and other things, but I generally feel very safe in this town. The only complaint I have is that it is dark; the streets are not very well lit. Walking at night is definitely a challenge and could even be considered unsafe. The police are very responsive, though.
Depending on the person, this area could be ideal or it could be a bore. It is far away from most things; you have to drive at least 15 minutes even to get to Walmart. I moved here from a city and city life is more for me, but I know some people who love it here. If you don't like city life but still want to be close to things, Antioch is ideal. It is in the district of an average high school and (in my opinion) a really good community college. This town also has a commuter train station that leads to Chicago, so if you work down there or just enjoy city life that is always a plus. Also, the public library offers good resources. Overall, pretty quiet town.
Antioch is full of racist, homophobic, crazy religious buttheads.
There are a lot more job opportunities during the warmer months versus during the winter since my town is a tourist town. It's also a town that welcomes new businesses so it encourages entrepreneurship.
The location of where I live is perfect for convenience. There are many restaurants, and a diversity of shops within walking distance. I can get just about anything I need and want living in this area.
This area does not typically experience a great deal of crime. Many of the people in this town look out for one another. The police are also effective in their ability to curtail the crime that is active here.
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In this area there are all four seasons. People here are able to experience snow and sunshine. Most people have a variety of clothes for our varying seasons ranging from shorts and t-shirts to coats and boots. The weather changes often as well.
The town of Antioch is not very large. There are a couple restaurants and bars. Many of these locations are older and do not have a great deal to offer.
I do not think that unemployment is particularly high in this area. Fortunately, we live in an area in between Milwaukee and Chicago. These major cities provide many jobs for people in this town.
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