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Very friendly place great thrift stores as well. I moved here October 2018 and have enjoyed it so far. I like to jog and I feel very safe while I run in the afternoon and even at night at times.
I love Antioch! It is a very well kept city, quiet, and a little bit rural. There are plenty of places to eat and explore in the little downtown area. There are always different activities going on in the city and ways for everyone to get involved. One thing I would love to see more of would be more diversity. But overall a great place to live.
It looks pretty but man is this town a mess full of messy people. Main street is honestly the only good thing that it has. Everything else is very worn down and sketchy. It makes me uncomfortable.
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The taxes in Antioch are high, public schools are pretty bad, and the district doesn't let you choose what high school you want to go to. A lot of roads have mild bumps, and pollution is high. I like how Antioch is safe but it can be safer. Homophobic, religious people are in Antioch. Job opportunities are low. I am happy because people in Antioch aren't as loud as in Lake Villa. I lived in Lake Villa for 6 years but moved to Antioch and I stayed here for 4 years. A suburban house costs around $250,000. Taxes are around $11,000.
Love that it is a small town with beautiful lakes and tons of things to do. They have a cute downtown area with little shops and parks as well as an area of larger shops. We go to parades in every holiday and the kids love it.
Small town with a lot of unique family owned stores downtown. It has all the essentials in a close distance. It also has a lot of options when it comes to food. There are a few different super markets and multiple fast food chains. Additionally, there are many smaller restaurants right downtown. Also, the neighborhoods are very safe. To go along with that there are multiple parks in Antioch, which makes it suitable for kids. Also, the school systems are very good here as well. This town also has a good location. It is about 25 minutes from Gurnee, IL, which has a mall, multiple dining options, and Six Flags Great America. Also, it is only about a little over an hour away from Chicago. The only thing I wish there was is brand name clothing stores/ a small mall.
Small town that has a drug issue. Great sport programs, but not somewhere for a college person. The high school is great on paper, but the students have behavioral problems.
I hit a major 3ft deep pothole on grimm rd.I called antioch township they gave me the runaround that they dont own it,they said the village does.I called the village they sai they dont own it.I called non emergencypolice in antioch they say they dont patrol it.So i found out the village bought it but dont care that it very dangerous and you will damage you vehicle driving down it.Horrible customer service at township-village hall and police serve and protect here.
Antioch is a great place for fun on the Chain of Lakes, as well as the state park of the same name. I have been coming here for a little over thirty years, and the town looks virtually the same as it did then. It definitely has that small town appeal. I have been able to carve a life out here for my family and will always think fondly of our time here.
We’ve lived in Antioch for the last 14 years. It is a very family friendly town. So many charming things about it - our Main Street is quaint, we have parades, parks, an aquatic center, lakes, organized sports, entertainment. We even have our own movie theater. Our schools are providing a great education while maintaining fiscal responsibility. The HS rivals those in much more affluent areas. Our kids are involved and care about the community. Families enjoy the sense of community. We do need more business to ease the tax burden but overall, Antioch is a great place to live and raise a family.
I love how the local shops is within walking distance. The public library hosts amazing events, which include events for people in every age group. The town usually has something special to offer.
I've lived in this town my whole life. I believe that Antioch is just like any other little, old town. It isn't full of exciting things to do, but we are only a 20 minute drive to Gurnee (depending on traffic), which is home to Six Flags, many restaurants, a large shopping mall, etc. It's also nice that we are only an hour drive from Milwaukee and Chicago, which is full of activities, jobs, etc.
Antioch is a basic suburban town with many neighboring activities like malls, and Chicago. It also has a lot of corn fields and can be boring at times. Other than that Antioch is a good town to live in.
We have lived in Antioch for 13 years and love our community. Antioch is a small town centrally located between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, Wi. This distance allows easy access to the unique culture and activities the city life has to offer. Antioch, Il is also a 10 minutes drive east to the Chain of Lakes that hosts all fishing, water sport and snowmobiling activities as well as a 20 minute drive west to Lake Michigan. The small town charm of Antioch invites you to relax while browsing the quaint family owned shops, enjoying a delicious variety of restaurants, ice cream and candy shops or taking in a movie at our home town theatre. Antioch Parks Department proudly offers a variety of year round activities such as parades and festivals, a grand aqua center and plenty of beautiful nature filled parks to enjoy. Our family loves living in Antioch and feel our town and location are a unique blend of perfection!
I love Antioch for its small town feel. You always see someone you know running around town. Your close to both Chicago and Milwaukee.
I have lived here for 10 plus years now and I love it there are lots of things to do from bowling and boating. Also Antioch is tons of fun and peaceful.
I have lived in Antioch for almost 14 years, it's a very safe town. However, diversity is very low and there are a lot of drug problems among the high school students. Great teachers at the high school, a lot of administration who are trying to help as much as they can.
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The police officers are always visible. The police station is right in town which is very nice. Not much happens in Antioch.
It is a cute town. There is not a whole lot to do but the surrounding towns are super close.
There's some small drug crimes that happen, but the chances of anything more serious is pretty slim.
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