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The town of Anthony has a very small community, there are those who gather often and discuss issues and solutions but there is rarely any progress or improvement.
Crime in the area has never been good, because the town is so small and not kept, it allows a window of opportunity for a higher rate in crime. There are a lot of gangs in this area, if you don't see them in the schools, you see their "work" in our neighborhoods. Graffiti and vandalism are both common things in our town, any action other than painting over their tagging's and replacing what we can is usually not taken. I hope at some point the community will come together and do something about these issues.
I have lived in Anthony, New Mexico my entire life. Leaving was never much of a choice, I live here with my parents and two dogs. Anthony is a quaint town, split between two states, New Mexico and Texas. The town has recently been voted to become a city in the state of Texas. Over the years there has been much improvement over the Texas state line, as for Anthony, New Mexico it has remained the same. I hope, in the years to come Anthony New Mexico will soon see improvement as well. Improvements such as street lights, side walks, better roads, and presentable front yards. I enjoy living here because I haven't had a choice until recent, but my hopes are high for our little town.
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Not very much crime going on. The sheriffs and police department are very active and are always surveying the areas
Its a great place to grow up. Nothing much to do and help your community and not very much distractions. Lots of nice people. Nothing like smelling the fresh air and being able to see the stars at night without all the pollution of a city. Its great to be around agriculture and the desert which can be anyone play ground if you appreciate and accept the land
There is a good sense of community. Some neighbors help when someone needs something. There aren't many community events.
There are not a lot of houses around, most are mobile homes. The quality isn't that great but they're ok. Not a lot of abandoned properties and the cost is affordable.
There is not a lot a crime. Policemen are seen often around. Overall the safety is good.
The area that I live in isn't amazing. There is almost nothing to ever do. It's a very poor community, most parents couldn't afford college and the same goes for their children.
For years I have been living in Anthony, NM. My overall experience has been great. If I could do it all over again, I would. Compared to everywhere else in the country, Anthony has some of the most kind and hardworking people. It might be a small city right now, but I'm sure it has a bright future ahead.
the food and drink in this is very poor overall. the only fast food restaurants here like mcdonalds, burger king, wendys,etc. the only unique restaurants will have to be Mexican restaurants. there is not a whole lot of diversity for food or fine dinning in this area.there are a couple of abs but of very poor quality, and the nightclubs are also very vague and dirty.
there is nothing to do here for tourism and that's that. the biggest attraction here will have to be wt-n-wild water park but it sucks in my opinion, because the water there is always filthy. the biggest attraction yearly will have to be the San Antonio kermes held each year in the month of June.
there are great public services in this are but their offices are always over populated with people and the costumer service is not the greatest. the time reaction for the police is very bad with an approximate wait of 30 minutes which is ridiculous if you are on a real emergency. the fire station is also very slow in response with an approximate response of 30 minutes as well, by this time your house already burned down. the local laws are pretty strict but police officers are very flexible as long as its something minor. i feel like our state representatives are doing nothing to help our community because there is little to no change at all in the politics and the way that money is distributed in this county.
there are not many jobs in this area. its a small community so jobs are scarce. the major company here would have to be lowes owning the only two big food supermarkets in town. the overall job lookout here is bad well at least for the older community because most companies here will only hire high school or college students. most people here do manual labor jobs for a living, while many are going to Odessa to work in the oil fields.
the local businesses are great with good customer service and good products and great quality as well. there no popular stores her except for just one walgreens that is located here in the center of the city. the only things that you can buy here are groceries and that's about it. if you want to go shopping for clothes, electronics, or other stuff you have to go to the big city like el paso or las cruces.
the work out facilities in here are not that great. there are only a few choices around, consisting with one in the high school and another one in la tuna penitentiary for gyms. there are plenty of zumba work out facilities around but these are mainly for women. people here are not that very physically active, but the young population is very active in comparison to the older community. the convenience of a hospital in this are is not very good because you have to go all the way to the nearest city, either el paso Texas or las cruces new mexico. me personally i stay physically active by going to late day or early morning runs and by going to the gym.
the people here are very friendly and caring. the diversity is nit that great consisting mostly of Latinos, but don't worry racism is not an issue here. the happiness is over the roof with everybody being happy all the time. everybody accepts everybody here without the issue of sex preference, race, or political views.
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the sense of community here is awesome everybody knows everybody. the community is very friendly at the welcoming of a new member of the community. almost everybody here has one pet at least so they are very flexible on pets, even at apartments. there are many community activities yearly at the city parks, like fairs and car shows, while there are field days for the family through out the whole summer. there are also yearly events like kermeses at the local churches where everybody is welcomed despite religion.
the crime rate in this area is very minimal close to none in my opinion. i have never felt insecure living here and have never been the victim of a robbery, the same can be said of my neighbors. the safety is very good because almost everybody knows everybody and there are not many people that ever tell you anything. the prevalence of crimes is minimal and almost never heard of. while the murder/death rate is about 1-3 persons per year. the police are always monitoring the streets but do take time to arrive to a call/crime scene.
the housing here is very good, depending on where you decide to live. the quality of the housing is very good, with the utilities not being very expensive and the rent is not expensive as well. the prevalence of abandoned houses is minimal to scarce if any most of the persons living here maintain their properties very clean, because its city law to maintain a clean yard/lawn. the best are to live here is by the golf course because that were most of the new houses are being built with good police presence in that are, while the worst has to be by desert areas because police presence is very scarce.
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