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I am an original owner in Anthem and have been living and selling real estate here since Anthem's inception. I love know that Anthem is my place to call HOME.
I moved here to take care of my elderly parents who live in the Country Club. I have lived all over the world, so to me, Anthem is about as flat and sleepy and homogenous as it gets. Perfect for a conservative, white, middle to upper class family who’s lives are as manicured as the uniform homes and HOA laws dictate. I have been more than surprised by how insulated, intolerant and unfriendly most people are to be sadly honest. Dining options are curiously limited and strip mall quality at best. Fast food, pizza and subpar Asian cuisine is it. On the upside, the Community Center park is lovely for kids with baseball & soccer & tennis and volleyball fields, a water park and a Farmers Market in winter. But Instead of Anthem, a more accurate name would be Meet Me at Boring, Az, 85086.
Very toxic community that deems its self the perfect place to start a family which is a complete lie unless you dont leave your over priced house
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I loved growing up in Anthem. It has a great community that I find my peers in college did not have growing up. It has its flaws like any other town but overall, I would recommend it. Kind of far from things like a movie theater and Dave n Busters etc but they are slowly adding things to the town to fill this lack of entertainment.
-Transportation is lacking, very hard for kids and teens to get around w/o asking for a ride from parents, especially if you live away from the center of the town
-Schools are unsafe for LGBTQ students, there have been many reports of assault for being gay/trans/etc
-Not much to do here at all, there are a few activities like the farmers market and music in may, but thats pretty much it.
-Many clubs and groups are conservative, pretty negatively so. there is a big political divide in anthem.
It's a safe, quaint place to live. Anthem is also relatively new - most of the buildings have been built within the last 20 years. The area is also clean. There's an awesome coffee shop called Amped Coffee. It's definitely one of the best coffee shops in Phoenix.
I have only been in Anthem for six months so far and it is very plain. I haven't been able to experience much and everyone just does the same things. I dont really like Anthem it is full with spoiled kids and I'm not used to that..
I have lived in Anthem for about 7 years now. From the experience i can tell you neighborhoods are kept clean and pretty much everyone is very nice. Anthem has a lot to do for younger kids but not much for young adults. Overall i have enjoyed my time here.
I have lived in Anthem for almost 10 years now and from what I’ve seen this close-knit community is a great place to live. In comparison to other cities around, Anthem is by far the best. It is filled with a variety of grocery stores such as Fry’s, Walmart and Safeway for maximum consumer benefit. This community also has many schools at different levels such as; Preparatory schools, Public school, a charter school, and even different preschools and daycares to choose from. Each school has its own unique and secure campuses and because of the size of this community the fire department can arrive in record time as it was strategically placed in the center of town. Not only is the town as a whole a great place but there are also seasonal events! Such as, the fall and spring carnival, farmers markets, annual Independence Day celebrations with free fireworks and much more!
Anthem is a very homy town. Easy to get around and full of nice families. The only thing that needs changing is more things to do and more sit down restaurants. Too many fast food places. Overall, Anthem is a very nice place to live.
Anthem is a great small town with a good community and plenty of places to go to entertain yourself.
I have lived in Anthem for my whole life. It is a quaint, but ever-growing, and quiet family-oriented neighborhood. Thus being said, there are 5 grade schools and a high schools that majority of the kids in the area attend. The diversity here is not prevailing of any sort. However, there are a lot of kind, welcoming people that are very friendly and take an active role in the community. The city council holds a number of events that are free tot he public around different holidays and celebrations, which are always a treat and exciting to attend. Anthem is a very safe place, and crime is of no normality. Besides all these positives, the most prevailing thing I would like to change is the type of stores and opportunities in the area. I would like to see more small, family-run businesses close by and more opportunities for outstanding individuals, to which the whole community could support and benefit from.
Ive lived in Anthem for numerous years now. Anthem is overall a great place for children and work. The subway in the Anthem Marketplace is one of the best places in the town. Friendly staff and support, great town for everyone!
I grew up in Anthem. It is a safe, beautiful area that is close to Phoenix but far enough away from hussle and bussle of the bigger city. I went to a local charter school, Anthem Prep. It was a rigorous school that has prepared me well. It felt safe, but a little small. My family still loves in Anthem and we have been successful in the area. I would recommend it to families!
I have lived in a lot of places in my lifetime. I currently live in Parkside. I am a licensed design professional with over 20 years in architecture, construction, and interior design.

-It is a good place if you are going to hang out at your house with your family on weekends.
-It is fairly safe.
-There is little nightlife.
-Shopping is below average and this includes the outlet mall.
-These have to be some of the poorest-if not the poorest-quality homes I have ever seen. The quality is substandard and lot grading is terrible.
-Anthem has an intrusive and overreaching HOA.
-Schools are ok for Arizona, but nationally I would rate them below average.
Anthem is like living outside the city but still have the city life. There are a lot of activities for adults and children alike. It's a very community oriented town and always welcoming newcomers. Cost of water in this town is a downfall!
I enjoy the availability of social areas, like the coffee shops, bars, parks, and libraries, and the elementary schools are pretty decent. However, the high school is not good at all and, due to the small town vibe Anthem has, gossip runs rampant and most citizens ignore the problems in the outside world. It’s truly a suburban fantasy for the middle class family.
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Anthem, AZ is a great place to raise a family and has a variety of services within a few miles including pediatricians, dentists, day care, orthodontists, physical therapy, and grocery stores. In addition, there are many public and private schools to choose from. Anthem also has a wonderful community center that includes activities for adults and children, a work out facility and public pool with a water slide. I would like to see more restaurants in Anthem as the selection is limited.
Very calm suburb, clean, family friendly. They have an amazing park and community center. Feels very safe, love it.
I've lived in the Anthem area before Anthem existed. It was been a great benefit and has grown to accommodate the growing population. It could use another high school and a few less golf courses that suck up precious water, but overall it's a good place to live and work.
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