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I enjoy access to a variety of stores in the area, Hardware store, Grocery store and pharmacy are within 5 minutes drive. Plenty of Gas stations. If you live by the schools, in the mornings you would need to leave before 7, in order for you not to be late, where ever you are going. For the most part, people are friendly. So far we did not have any conflicts with any neighbors. Also, its safe enough to take walks in the parks. We take our kids to the local park and they enjoy it there, so if you have kids there are plenty of parks with great playgrounds on them.
Antelope is a quiet and cheerful town. We have amazing parks for children. We also have amazing schools that have high ratings and will guarantee you of your child's best education. We have many shopping centers and food markets.
The high school is the newest in the Roseville school district and has excellent programs. House prices are also much lower than surrounding areas.
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Antelope is an average place to live. Nestled between North Highlands, Citrus Heights and Roseville allow for easy access to the airport, great shopping and affordable housing.
The Antelope community has a very well establish sense of security and saftey. I am a resident in Antelope since the community was built in the early 2000s, as well I was a recent graduate from Antelope High School. I got to say the community has a friendly vibe, good neighbors, clean maintain streets, and we are place in middle of good places to visit and to get some food. The pricing of housing are decent not to expensive and affordable to common middle-class families. Antelope has good recreational parks located nearby for anyone to visit. All in all, for the past 18 years its been a great place to live.
I love that Antelope is very diverse, allowing the opportunity for the youth to experience different cultures and learn how to identify and accept others who may be different than them. Antelope is fairly quiet and tucked away, so it provides for a break from the crazy fast paced city life. Antelope is a safe and place to raise families and is accommodating with local schooling options. I wish that Antelope had more job opportunities for youth at age 16, as finding a job locally is known to be challenging in this area. With so few options, many businesses are supersaturated with applications. This can pose an challenge to young adults looking to save for their futures. Lastly, social options to have fun would be a nice addition to Antelope, as sometimes it's nice to relax with your friends.
I have lived in Antelope, CA going on three years. The education system is great with a friendly community. Visually you see beautiful colors of trees changing in the fall.
Antelope is a nice bedroom community. The parks are well maintained and many young families live in the area. The area is serviced by Sac County Sheriff so unfortunately the police are slow to respond. Overall the cost of living is reasonable and the homes are nice.
I have lived here for a little over 10 years and I have enjoyed the positive ways the neighborhood has transformed. It's very family oriented and there's lots of convenient stores, gyms, eateries in the surrounding area. I think it's a great place for young professionals and families to live! They're constantly adding new houses and stores/buildings so I think it's going in the right direction. In addition there's convenient schools all around for children and teens.
I have been living in Antelope for 15 years and love every part of it! The neighborhoods are very safe and the community is very involved.
I feel like the neighborhood is suitable for all types of families.
Antelope is a very nice place to live. The community here is very ethnically diverse and very friendly. Crime here is nearly non-existent. The streets are clean and the homes are tidy.
The location of Antelope is great. You are only 5 minutes from roseville, 20 from Folsom, and 20 from downtown. Everything is within a 30 minute drive fromey your house. Neighborhoods are clean and residents are nice.
I had a great childhood growing up in Antelope. I always played outside with my neighbors and got to meet new people when a new family moved in on my street. Furthermore, I lived in Antelope my whole life until I moved out to attend college in southern California. The schools in Antelope are very good and safe. It is very diverse in everything. Antelope has different clubs and activities for youth. This helps get to know different family and the children start to learn major life skills. My overall experience in Antelope was great. I was able to grow into the person I am today.
Overall quiet neighborhood. Sometimes you will hear sirens or helicopters. Never had any real problems.
Great neighborhood if you want your house or car broken into! ADT is a MUST in Antelope. The plus side to Antelope is there are PLENTY of parks and trails. Trails for biking, hiking or running.
The neighborhood is really nice, but if you are looking for a variety of food options, Antelope is lacking.
They area is not bad, and people are friendly. Everything is in a good distance that you could walk for good exercise, or it's just a quick drive.
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What I like about Antelope is the sense of community among the residents. They are always friendly to each other and help each other out when they can.
Antelope is a nice town close to Sacramento. Groceries and convenient stores such as Papa Murphy's, Firestone, MC Donald, Starbucks, Panda Express etc are in walking distance. Close by is a nice creek where you can walk with your dog.
I have lived here for almost all of my life and have never once considered moving. This town has great schools and neighborhoods for kids to get involved and make friends and they are given quality education. Everything you need is within a short distance.
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