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88 reviews
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The location of Antelope is great. You are only 5 minutes from roseville, 20 from Folsom, and 20 from downtown. Everything is within a 30 minute drive fromey your house. Neighborhoods are clean and residents are nice.
I had a great childhood growing up in Antelope. I always played outside with my neighbors and got to meet new people when a new family moved in on my street. Furthermore, I lived in Antelope my whole life until I moved out to attend college in southern California. The schools in Antelope are very good and safe. It is very diverse in everything. Antelope has different clubs and activities for youth. This helps get to know different family and the children start to learn major life skills. My overall experience in Antelope was great. I was able to grow into the person I am today.
Overall quiet neighborhood. Sometimes you will hear sirens or helicopters. Never had any real problems.
Great neighborhood if you want your house or car broken into! ADT is a MUST in Antelope. The plus side to Antelope is there are PLENTY of parks and trails. Trails for biking, hiking or running.
The neighborhood is really nice, but if you are looking for a variety of food options, Antelope is lacking.
They area is not bad, and people are friendly. Everything is in a good distance that you could walk for good exercise, or it's just a quick drive.
What I like about Antelope is the sense of community among the residents. They are always friendly to each other and help each other out when they can.
Antelope is a nice town close to Sacramento. Groceries and convenient stores such as Papa Murphy's, Firestone, MC Donald, Starbucks, Panda Express etc are in walking distance. Close by is a nice creek where you can walk with your dog.
I have lived here for almost all of my life and have never once considered moving. This town has great schools and neighborhoods for kids to get involved and make friends and they are given quality education. Everything you need is within a short distance.
It is a nice small area, not really busy. Every this is close also it is not a far drive to a city. Schooling is close so parents do not have to worry about their kids. I would recommend it to families with kids who want a good school and a quiet place.
The two times I had to call the cops they arrived fairly quickly.
We chose to live here only because it was the only apartments that attended the high school I wanted my children to go to. Neighbors play music all hours of the night and occasionally a group of teens hang out in our courtyard area smoking pot.
Crime happens everywhere. You just need to be aware of your surroundings, especially if your out at night or alone.
I came here while in elementary school, from San Jose California. It was probably the best decision my parents have ever made because education is so much different here then in San Jose. I'm very fortunate to have had a good education and learning environment.
It's not terrible but there needs to be more regulations on this issue. I've been a witness to illegal drugs on multiple occasions, there's been vandalism at schools, and robberies are quite common. The police drive around every once in a while and there is security in most parking lots but I have witnessed store and car robberies before. It is sad to see this happen in a place where people are meant to be trusted and it needs to be fixed with more action.
Although this neighborhood used to be considered very nice and friendly in the past, I think it's getting worse due to crime and unreliable neighbors. There have been robberies more than once in the nine years I have lived here and it recently affected us the most late last year. On the other hand, Antelope has everything a city needs to be successful including stores and pharmacies. The education is not the best but it is basic public education so one can't complain much. If there were more regulations on crime and safety however, this city would be more prosperous.
There are quite a few unkempt houses and a few vacant ones, price to quality I am not sure.
When needed neighbors may speak with each other and most neighbors stay/ live here for long periods of time(years)
I don't feel necessarily safe but I don't feel particularly in danger. However our car was broken into while we were still at home, other neighbors had their tires taken, then another the tires appeared slashed through. But when going home from elementary on foot, I felt safe.
The elementary school was very close,middle school was farther but high school was close. But had car broken into(window smashed while at home), generally peaceful, would redo experience.
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