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great town! quiet, nice, safe. pretty parks and views. come visit Ansonia. a lot of restaurants, little nice shops, nail salons, barbers, banks, great plaza, you can shop here, we have a river too and a river walk
I love the character and history the town holds. I was born and raised in this town so it has a special place in my heart. I would love to see the river walk park have more picnic tables or a park for kids to play on.
I live in Ansonia right now, and have been here since 2011. I'd say it's an overall friendly town with much diversity, though not as much as say New Haven. Downtown is quite small, but filled with mom and pop shops as well the usual city hall and post office along with well-known banks. I like that things are relatively close. From where I live, the police station is close so I feel pretty safe, and Target is close as well- my go-to place to shop for the necessities. As far as schools, I think they're okay- I went to Ansonia High School and graduated from there among a few friends. I honestly can't recall how the learning went, but it wasn't a bad experience for me. The cost of living here seems cheaper than other areas in Connecticut such as Shelton or Bridgeport, where I've also lived. I guess it depends where you can find a deal for rent or sale. Overall, I like living in Ansonia- it's pretty peaceful, despite the dogs barking and children playing outside.
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The cost of living is affordable. I would like to see more development in healthy living, i.e food, businesses.
Great location to nearby cities. My commute to Bridgeport is almost always traffic free. We live in a very safe family friendly neighborhood which is close to our church. Grocery stores very close and gas stations. Close to highway which makes for easy access.
Ansonia is a small town located in the Naugatuck Valley. It is a town driven by its high school football team which is one of the biggest attributes to this town. The public schools are not the best but cost of living is low and there are many job opportunities for those looking for a career. Also, we have great emergency services with over 5 firestations around the town.
Ansonia is a very diverse community. They are continuously finding new ways to increase the quality of life and improve the sense of community.
Right near everything I need. Transit fares are going up 50 cents as of 12/4/16, and also Medicaid payments will be downside risked in a few years. This means that rather than the state pay the full amount, the doctor takes whatever Medicaid provides and loses the rest. There will be less doctors to get healthcare from for Medicaid beneficiaries within in the next few years. Very walkable, but getting more expensive to live in CT.
Crime is not a major concern here. The small town is still full of law abiding residents. You can feel safe at night and some of us still leave our doors unlocked. Times are changing but it has not become an inner city type of atmosphere. This is not due to great police work. The men who protect and serve are merely cops who patrol the area and probably would not be effective if any real crime happens. There is not much major crime here but the acts that are committed do not get solved unless there is crystal clear evidence. Murders go unsolved because the force here is just not skilled or trained for anything that is larger than petty. It becomes frustrating to know the officers who ride around the area stopping small infractions would not be helping or taking charge if anything really tragic were to breakout.
Ansonia is a small town. The "hilltop" is the better part of the city but multiple family's are starting to rent one family homes which tend to get run down and blight takes over. Times are changing for the worse in our area due to owners selling to landlords who don't live nearby or care to take care of the property. School systems are getting worse because low income and special education are the becoming the majority and we do not have funds to support the services. This town used to be quiet, close knit and generally a perfect place to raise a family. All income levels were supported together. That is slowly changing and low income households and failing commercial businesses are turning this small town into a struggling community. Still enjoy living here and for the most part comfortable and not wanting for anything but the future does not look bright.
Not too bad compared to larger cities around us.
I like my town since it is where i grew up, my family, friends, and memories are here.
It's a small town that used to be a factory town. There's not much to do locally and because of that, I feel that the crime level is up. It has potential but no one to make it happen.
I cannot say that this area is the best area to live in, because it is not. However, it is most definitely not the worst and all areas will have their own negative attributes. There is very little for the teenage to young adult age group to do in this town as well as surrounding towns. The school system and it's funding is a little less than average. The jobs in this area are mostly dead end minimum wage jobs.The upkeep of the town and public works is inadequate. However, it is only a small town and for a small town I must say it is an pleasant quality of life living here. The foremost positive about this area is that the people of this area hold a small community mentality. By "small community mentality" I mean that everyone in this area seems to know everyone. Yes, at times that can be stressful or irritating. Nonetheless, it is nice to know your neighbors and be able to have close friends in your community, because when there is little to do in an area you can compensate by getting together with friends and creating something amongst yourselves to do.
Many people grew up int his community, raise their family here, and then continue to live her. Many neighbors know each other well and get together for backyard parties. The whole town comes together for local football games and such.
The police and fire department have good reaction time for the most time. When public services are needed, they do the job, but sometimes make it take longer time than needed.
The worst weather occurs in the winter with many feet of snow. It snows frequently from December-February. When it rains, it sometimes can cause flooding, but for the most part it is only regular rain.
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There is not a lot to do for fun at night, but there are restaurants, mostly sports bras, surrounding the area that are great for a quick dinner. There is not a large variety of happy hours either.
It is easy for a young student to find a job, but adults would have a tougher time trying to find a job that pays higher than minimum wage. They would need to look to larger cities about 20-30 minutes away.
Compared to surrounding cities, the local businesses are clean, well-kept, and have a variety of things that people need in a pinch. They are close to home and run by people of the town, which is nice.
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